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  1. Lighting
    Vinyl taillight overlays recently applied. As far as the DIY instructions are concerned, I did not document a step by step with pictures, however below is a description of the steps I took. Apologies if it is poorly described. As an additional reference, the site...
  2. Exterior
    So I found this: CG® 03-HC12TLED4DJM - Honda Civic 2012 Black LED Tail Lights - 4DR Of course, there aren't any pictures of them, and they're only for 2012 sedans, but as far as I know we're yet to see any aftermarket tails. Has anyone actually seen these or know someone that has them?
  3. Exterior
    Hey guy's so I smoked my taillights yesterday, and to avoid issues with the police, I would like to replace the bulb with an LED bulb, so that there is more light output. Is this possible? Because i remember someone saying that LED's aren't able to change their intensity, and that they have one...
  4. Exterior
    Stupid question :question: Would the 2012 taillights fit 2013 civic?? the shape of it looks similar... maybe bumper replacement??
  5. Exterior
    Hi, I am fairly new to this forum and am a newbie -- not knowledgeable at all about customization -- but would like to customize and need suggestions. I have a black 2012 civic lx sedan. Ever since I got it I wanted to upgrade the exterior lighting. First, the headlights. I dont really know...
  6. Lighting
    Tittle Says it all.....
  7. Coupe
    There are pre-cut films you can buy for the 2012 Civic in a variety of colors, one being smoked, which is my favorite. They're glossy and seem to fit perfectly. Has anyone gone this route? This one looks nice.
  8. Exterior Styling
    Hi all, since joining the forums I have been seeing a lot of people that are smoking their tail lights themselves and getting different results. Some people swear by vinyl film, while others even think you can use plasti-dip to get this affect. I have been getting numerous amounts of PM's asking...
  9. Coupe
    Either for tinting or for repair anyone know how to remove them?
  10. CARiD.com
    Hey guys, we’re running another giveaway on Google+ and this week, a set of Custom Tail Lights worth up to $250 is on stake. Are you in? To enter, simply follow CARiD on Google+ (if haven’t yet) and comment on this post telling us what tail lights you pick if you win. The winner will be...
  11. Sedan
    Took about 3 hours start to finish.. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  12. Exterior
    Hi everybody, recently some dude im a motorcycle crashed in the rear of my car causing a broken taillight so i would like to know if theres is a way i can replace a new one by myself without the need of going to my dealershop and pay a lot to do that. Thanks in advance. Sent from my...
  13. Coupe
    Just met up with Blue Batmobile, he took patterns for the front and rear lights, friday he's gonna do the roof. This guy's legit and friendly. After the talk we had, am super stoked to be working with him on my coupe. Im basically going to get everything done possible so you guys will have an...
  14. Exterior
    Does anyone plan on putting on aftermarket taillights once they come out? I had them on my accord, and plan on doing the same with my 12Ex.:)
  15. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Foreword by DWils: All taillight tinting-related threads have been merged into this thread. This thread covers spray painting, VHT, plastidipping, smoking, tinting, and otherwise making your taillights really hard to see, especially during the day. Please post questions, experiences, and how-tos...
  16. Interior mods
    Tinted 2012 EX-L Just got it done today. 40% all around. Reads 31% with the equipment to check. http://civicexl2012.shutterfly.com/pictures/23
1-16 of 16 Results