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  1. Exterior
    Am I the only one who can't wait to get these? CCH has them listed and has posted a installation video on YouTube. Can't wait! They look amazing. Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
  2. Coupe
    Hey guys i'm trying to get a modification done on my 2012 civic lx coupe blue, but idk if tinted tails would look good on the color blue and idk if i should get hid fogs or sri instead of tinting tail lights..? do you know how much each of them costs? What would you do first if you were me...
  3. Exterior
    there a way to replace the light bulbs in your tails with those led bulbs that have a bunch of leds on them? also is it legal to change the amber signals to red? because they were red on my grand am and i have an idea for a project that i think would look good but dono if its entirely legal.
  4. Coupe
    hey guys.. this is the second mod ive done to my EX.. (the first is the shift boot, and knob)
  5. Coupe
    Hey what's up peep's. Just tinted the rear tails and 3rd brake light today (spray). Left the white white and just did the red. It came out better then I thought it was going to come out. I tinted my brother in-laws but his were older and didn't come out the best. Hides the red faded lens tho. It...
  6. Coupe
    Just a little preview of my tails.. I am picking them up today so I will post pictures when I get them back on. Also my Injen CAI is scheduled for delivery today! I'm pretty excited!
  7. Sedan
    So I found a person who would tint my heads tails but they dont use Lamin-X they claim they use Oracle 8300 series? ORACAL USA : Products : ORACAL  8300  Transparent Cal# Anybody know if they are any good vs. Lamin-X? Cheaper in price? Looking to my tails this weekend so this is the last...
  8. Sedan
    I'm looking for some help... Does anyone know where I can get Lamin-X installed on my headlights and taillights, in Toronto. Also, anyone have any leads on 3M vinyl wrapping in Toronto I'm thinking about doing my roof. Oh, yah... I got mine in Taffeta White. Dee 12 Civic EX in TW
  9. Sedan
    I want LED TAILLIGHTS!!!
  10. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Foreword by DWils: All taillight tinting-related threads have been merged into this thread. This thread covers spray painting, VHT, plastidipping, smoking, tinting, and otherwise making your taillights really hard to see, especially during the day. Please post questions, experiences, and how-tos...
1-10 of 10 Results