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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I am looking for a cheap way to mount my camera in my car, there are some stands, or I was thinking just getting a cell phone window mount and pointing it on side or something, but then I am worried about starting and stopping it, or just letting it run then shut off .... suggestions please, I...
  2. Intakes and TB Spacers
    i tried today...gave up after a couple hours...no matter what I did the battery kept hittin the clutch line bracket....I bent the lines and bracket trying to get it to fit..no dice....I dont want it to rub a hole in my battery so i put the stock batt. tray back in :( any input? thanks Sent from...
  3. General Maintenance
    Ok guys so I've been pondering this question for a bit now and cannot seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion of my own. MTF... LSD Oil... GEAR Oil... I'm looking into synthetics for all three on my Si. My question is can I use one for all? Or are they all the same anyways? I mean, is...
  4. Coupe
    I know we've anxiously been waiting for the weather tech visors to come out for our coupes, as soon as they are out I'd like to start a group buy on them. Perhaps we can cut a deal with them directly, please drop thoughts below.
  5. Intakes and Spacers
    First off, I would like to state that ART is an excellent company, and they make great products and have excellent service. Here are the results. Gains were as high as 8hp and about 8ft/lbs through some of the RPM range, with overall max gain of 1.5hp and 3.5ft/lbs. Also learned that...
  6. California
    Just a heads up to anyone in the so cal area who needs any work done on their Honda or Acura, I'm currently out of work (was doing insurance appraisal work for 4 years) but I am an ASE Master tech and worked at a Honda/Acura repair shop for 11 years. If anyone needs any side work done from...
  7. Interior mods
    Just checked WeatherTech and found the front and rear floor liners are available for the sedan. I have had many sets of these and they are well worth the money. Trunk liner isn't quite there yet, but should be soon..... Just thought you'd like to know.:eusa_dance:
1-7 of 10 Results