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  1. Coldest imid around

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    What's up everybody? I wanted to start a thread to see what kind of temperatures our cars have seen. I was on my way to work this morning when I saw a -2 F on my display. I know our friends to the north will end up on top in this one. Also post your location with picture.
  2. Anyone in the Alpharetta, GA area that wants to install the camera/temp sensor?

    I just got the 2012 LX a few weeks ago, and wanted to add the temp sensor and back-up camera. I'm fairly handy, but I've never really messed with cars much, other than swapping out a couple of stereos. I was wondering if there's anyone in the Alpharetta area that was looking to do either of...
  3. A Temperature Question...

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I'm trouble shooting a cooling problem on another forum and have a quick question. Can anyone tell me what engine/coolant temperature either one of the Civic engines run at, say an extended run on an interstate? I assume you can get that on the iMID.
  4. 2013 EX ac controller in 2012 Si?

    Interior Problems
    Anybody think it's possible to swap em out? I really love the idea of having automatic temperature controls on my car. I'm lazy like that :D.
  5. outside temperature

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Honda civic lx sedan (in some way to show the outside temperature panel)
  6. DIY: Add temperature to imid (LX)

    Disclaimer: You proceed at your own risk. If something goes wrong,neither OP or this website or anybody else but yourself take responsibility for it. This DIY is for Adding Temperature to Civic 2012 LX only. All of this DIY is from my experience installing this temp.If there's any suggestion...
  7. Outside Temperature Sensor

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    Anyone having an issue with the outside temperature sensor? Just bought 2012 EX and the outside temp readings seem to be way off.
  8. Outside Temperature

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a 2012 sedan with i-Mid. Is there a way to add a sensor that will show the outside temperture on the i-Mid mini screen?
  9. Coolant Temp

    General Maintenance
    blue low temp light??? after starting my 2012 civ ex from a cold start, overnite etc. my blue low temp light is on for about the first 2-5 mins or couple miles?? asked my sales girl to chk with service dept, she came back and said this is normal... does everyone else experience this?? just...
  10. 2012 Civic, one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2011

    Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(