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  1. New Member in Central Texas

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    Just picked up this 2012 CBP Si. I had my eyes on one for a little while and finally after my Evo X got wrecked I decided to get one. I know people maybe thinking why from a X to a Civic Si but honestly I wanted something different. Evos are running around everywhere here and everyone and their...
  2. NEw From Abilene, Texas

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    Jesus here, checking into the forum.. Im a previous 8th gen FA5 owner... awaiting delivery of my 2013 CBP SI coupe!! Don't know much about these generations yet but plan to start out with lowering springs and intake.. .. so anyone out there selling any of them lmk .. will post pics as soon as I...
  3. Interesting Texas License Plate

    I was following a red Camero yesterday. Its Texas license plates were jet flat black with red characters that matched the car's paint perfectly. Looked pretty slick but I sure don't understand how a LEO could ever call in the plate number. It was not very legible.
  4. 915 Texas coupe si

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    915 Texas coupe si checking in. Just got my coupe on Christmas Eve! Dyno blue pearl. Plan on keeping pretty stock as its my daily driver but I might mod a few things here and there. Already ordered an exhaust from skunk and some k sport coilovers. Sure wish us coupe folks could see a whale tale...
  5. Hello from South Texas

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    Hello, I'm an old guy with a wife, two grown children, a Rottweiler that bites me and now, a new 2012 SI Coupe. So far, the SI has not bitten me yet. I've owned two civics before the SI and loved them both. On the nineteenth of December, I was invoved in a serious accident that totaled my 2004...
  6. Hello from North Texas

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    Hello all... I'm a long time lurker and just now a new member. I took delivery of my 2012 Civic Si coupe a few weeks back and have just now had time to join up. I look forward to learning and contributing in some way to the site. I'm from North Texas, am into anything with four wheels and...
  7. New Texas Plates - "The Texas Classic"

    I just registered for these new plates since it matches the car so much better. Just FYI for those who know. The Texas Classic Introduced in July 2012, "The Texas Classic" is designed to provide Texans the highest public safety protection. It is the first license plate in the country to...
  8. New SI in Texas

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    Hello all, just picked up my SI last week and am enjoying it quite a bit. Car is a bit more low-key than my previous car (2003 Mazda6 w/V6) that my son is now driving: But it definitely handles better than my weekend car (69 Olds 442):
  9. Wek Fest Texas!

    Gatherings and Meets
    Who is going?! I know it's not till the end of this month but I thought it'd be nice to know who might be going. Would anyone like to meet in Dallas and roll from there? :D Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  10. Howdy from Texas

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    Howdy guys!! We picked up a sunburst orange pearl sedan si on friday as a replacement for our 2007 rr si coupe which was stolen a year ago. we were driving a boring 2011 accord lx but you guys know how that is so my lady made the push to restore to glory. i like the fact when we pulled into the...
  11. Houston,Texas people!!!

    Anybody in Houston? I've talked to one other person on 9thgen who is local but is there anybody else that lives in or around Houston, TX?
  12. hello from dry and hot side of west texas.

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    after driving my k20 swapped db8 for few months here (recently moved to texas) decided it was even too hot in fall without a.c so i was on hunt for another dd for few thousand dollars. but after looking for quite some time, cant find anything decent. i went to honda dealership today see what...
  13. New member from Houston Texas

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    Sup, name is Bryan. SN is ADExternal you can call me AD or Bryan. Not new to the car scene, just new to the civics. Got my Polish Metal Grey FG3 about 3 days ago. Previous car was a 02 Mitsu Galant which I'm almost done doing the JDM conversion. Got the car solely for a new daily while I get...
  14. Ricer pictures!!

    Pictures and Images
    So i was browsing VIP & Bippu styled cars and came across this very clean looking Bippu car that looks like a Lexus IS, but anyone that knows how a Lexus IS looks will figure out this is NOT a Lexus IS. I have reason to believe it's a 8th generation Civic just by looking at the bodyline. Now...
  15. DFW Map Rally: May 21

    Gatherings and Meets
    It's time for the annual DFW Map Rally, to be held on Saturday, May 21. The start will be in McKinney, Texas. For this event, we give you a certain map and some rules, and you figure out how to get to the checkpoints and the finish. Then you drive the route you have determined. Along the way...
  16. Newbie from Texas!

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    Hey guys! I was looking for information about the 9th generation civic and this is a very informative site. I could not stop looking at thread until 7:00 am last night so yeah i decided to join :) I plan on buying a 9th generation in April but I still have not decided on which trim level I...
  17. The Official 9thGen Texas Meet/Tech/Chat Thread

    Gatherings and Meets
    Posts related to selling items absolutely will not be tolerated. Any failure to comply with this rule will result in the member being banned without question, and if this continues to be a problem the thread will be permanently closed and all duplicate threads will be closed as well, with the...