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  1. ECU Tuning
    Hi, all; I need to read throttle position from F-CAN for my next modification. I found a forum (linked below) that lists it as part of a CAN message with ID 0x13C, as the second byte. That's for the 2015 Si; for my 2014 Hybrid, it seems to be a bit different. The second byte holds at 0xD0...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    So first I'm not sure if this is in the right section so feel free to move it if necessary. Callie, my 2012 Si, has been fussing with me lately. These past couple of days, it has been throwing this code i wanna say every 60-100 miles. I drive 60 miles a day to class. The code shows for...
  3. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Wayne and Randy have the car, rstech-racing.com Randy will have the car on the dyno Monday.Flashpro yes.I just finished break in on the car and dropped it off to them.Wayne is finishing up on the 3 1/2 inch custom cold air intake and battery relocation.RDX injectors to.Randy is also doing...
  4. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Well the title says what it is, and yes it will work with the RBC and our stock intake manifold. This is the route i want to go with as far as throttle body options go. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/autofair-honda/299889-zdx-big-bore-oem-dbw-throttle-body.html But can someone explain to me...
  5. Drivetrain Problems
    Well, lately I've been noticing when I step on the gas in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th gear, then car takes a second or two to react. It's very weird actually. When I step on the gas there's a delay and then it grabs power, then it's as though there's a little more of a delay, and it suddenly...
  6. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Want to see how people like the tbs. any vids of how it sounds, or if they notice a difference.
  7. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Please help :-)
  8. Drivetrain Problems
    The SI seems to have a harsh jerk when letting off the throttle at certain RPM. Let's say I was in second and went to 3-4k RPM but needed to slow down all of the sudden, the car would jerk back if I let off the throttle too abruptly. Happens even when I'm blimping the throttle, so I have to let...
  9. ECU Tuning
    Feel free to ask any questions you may have by posting in this thread, sending us a pm, sending us an email ([email protected]), or by giving us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540. Thanks! Michael Hill Team TWM Performance
  10. (Non-Si)
    anybody with a non-si put on a throttle body spacer yet? notice any changes or gains? just wondering whether or not it's worth it
  11. Intakes and TB Spacers
    First I'd like to say anyone who didn't successfullyu install the CAI with the TBS did not try. It was no problem all you ran into was the one hose being slightly short. So u just attach it 1/4 inch shy on each end and clamp it good and youre fine. Or just buty a hose thats a bit longer. Anyways...
  12. Intakes and TB Spacers
    anyone have a picture of the 9th gen stock throttle body, the side that connects to the intake manifold?
  13. Performance
    Just arrived in the mail today so after making a few runs had a little down time here at work so i decided to install it. IT coms with the spacer, gasket, all extended bolts. There is also a black plasic piece that screws into a hole on side of spacer. this is hole you can use later if you add...
  14. Performance
    This is all done by member WTEX, thanks for the detailed write up on the install!!!! Take off negative terminal on battery and set aside (10mm socket). Step 1. Take off rubber intake boot. Freeing the filter box from Cold air tube. Do not throw away for you will be re-using this piece...
  15. Intakes and Spacers
    I was the test dummy for this TBSpacer and it works. Buy them guys/girls, cause you're going to like it. If you think your 1.8 lacks at low throttle then buy it. Even with my ECON ON it made a huge difference. Throttle response is an immediate feel especially going from 2nd to 3rd gear. So far...
  16. Drivetrain Problems
    She came home to tell me that when she was driving to work yesterday going 40 mph on a flat road that when she was coming to a stop light she started to break when the rpm's jumped up to 3 and stayed there so she pulled into a parking lot put it in park then it jumped back down. She found it...
1-16 of 21 Results