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    2012 Honda Civic vs Toyota Prius The Prius seems to be the better buy in the end being a bit cheaper and getting better MPG than the 2012 Civic. But how about when you factor in other things about both cars including MPG/Fuel Economy/gas mileage? from here
  2. Video Room
    Scion FR-S / Toyota FT-86 spy video is finally up. I was waiting on something like this for a while. Seems like a FR-S test mule and maybe not 100% like what will be in production. If you watch the video and listen carefully you can hear the FR-S engine, the boxer engine that is which sounds...
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    In the wake of recent disaster in Japan, I think we can expect supply shortage of 2012 Honda Civics (as well as other models). The same goes for Toyota and even General Motors plants right here in the U.S. as they, too, depend on parts manufactured in Japan: Japanese Automakers Continue to...