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  1. 3.5in Intake/Battery Tray (RBC users)

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Custom 3.5inch intake for our cars along with the battery tray for proper fitment. This is for RBC users 365$ -intake 130$ -battery tray Contact randy at rstech for more info RSTECH-RACING :: Home
  2. GROUP BUY - 4130 Fab battery tray, intake, RBC manifold

    Vendor Deals
    Group buy? Maybe if we buy enough we can get a deal cut on em. Who's in? Sent from my XT907 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  3. 2012 Civic 4dr Trunk Tray

    Interior Styling
    2012 Civic 4dr Trunk Tray http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/trunktray.pdf
  4. What I use the tray for

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I saw someone here ask what do you use it for. So here it is. My Sat Radio & My GPS. I decided not to buy the Si with the upgraded radio with Navi because I thought an extra $3000 was a bit much.
  5. Does the trunk tray interfere with the cargo net?

    I want to get the all-weather trunk tray for my Si but if it interferes with the floor hooks for the net I may decide against it. Anyone here own both and have an answer?
  6. Small Rubber Mat for the Sedan Convenience Tray

    Interior mods
    I have a SI Sedan and found this rubber mat at Walgreens for 4.49. The factory shape is so irregular this was the best I could find to fit. Also other mats are too sticky and can leave behind residue - this does not. I cannot believe this doesnt came from the factory. Hope this helps.
  7. Cabin air filter tray

    General Maintenance
    Our 9th gen Civics, is the dust and pollen filter behind the glovebox like some other Hondas? Thanks
  8. TRUNK TRAY Sedan SI-2012

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between trunk trays for the 2012 sedan vs 2012 sedan si? And are the trunks the same size? Thanks?
  9. 2012 Trunk Cargo tray

    Was wondering if anyone got the cargo tray. I looked at the manual and there are anchors? Wondering what's that for? I thought you just put it on top of the carpet floor? Do you remove the carpet floor and then put the trunk tray? Here's the instructions...
  10. How to remove the center console?

    Interior mods
    Anyone know the steps to remove the Center console tray Anyone know the steps to remove the Center console tray? Part 10 look at image need to install a gps mount just dont want to use self tap screws into the plastic! who knows whats behind there
  11. Trunk Tray

    I just received my trunk tray off ebay today and when I put it in it had a gap of about 6 inches from the back of the rear seats to where the liner finished. Is this normal?? Having had liners before in other vehicles they always seemed to cover the full cargo area not just most of it.