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  1. New Member Introductions
    I have a passion for modding vehicles. I usually work on trucks and i have a badass powerstroke thats spotless. I had an old honda accord that i got for free. drove it for years and it had 289000 miles on it and i beat the hell out of it. thats what made me love hondas they seriously will run...
  2. Mid-West
    Just got a CBP Sedan (no nav) and a SOP Coupe delivered! First come, First serve! Tell your friends! Come in or give me a call! Chris Williams Sales Manager Boyland Honda 414-281-2700 Milwaukee, WI Sent from my DROID RAZR using AutoGuide.com App
  3. Coupe
    I recently just bought a 2012 Civic coupe EX, and I am now messing around with the emblems to get them painted. I know the civic emblem is really easy to take off, but I was wondering about the H on the trunk. Is there two prongs on the back like on previous civics that can just be popped out...
  4. Video Room
    A guy in his Chevy 3/4 ton pick up truck attempted to make it jump far enough to get onto a landing ramp and failed miserably, hitting the beginning of the landing ramp head on! You must watch the video to really see how epic it is since the bed of the truck managed to come off the frame...
  5. Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(