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  1. How do I reverse this AV hackjob someone did in my trunk

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I bought a used 2014 Honda Civic EXL. I like the car, but the previous owner had subwoofers or something like that in the trunk and it's just dangling wires now that they've been removed. As well as this, the extra USB charging port in the center console has been cut off. It's just exposed wire...
  2. Finally Found One: Duckbill Spoiler $140 CAD

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Although we have various forums telling us to stay away from KPG, look what I found! Kplayground 9th Gen Ducktail 13+ Downsides: ABS Plastic But for $140 CAD, you really get what you pay for.
  3. Sub Installation in Trunk Wheel Well

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Thinking about adding a Sub to my Civic. I hate the idea of loosing my trunk space, so ideally I would like to mount a 10" in the trunk wheel well. In my last car I built boxes for two 12" subs, and man did they kick! I know I wont get the same sound out of a single 10", but Im going the simple...
  4. Cargo Organizer (not cargo net)

    Interior mods
    I have never liked the hassle of cargo nets, tangled mess, never the exact size. yada yada. Since I carry around the typical emergency / cleaning kit items I knew exactly what size my container was to secure down. This is a permanent location for the box so if you are faint of heart and dont...
  5. Does anyone else's Civic Si trunk squeak when opened?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a 2015 and ever since new the trunk has been a little stiff and squeaks when I open it. I'm going to take it in but just curious if anyone else has run into this issue?
  6. 2012 SI Coupe Trunk lid onto 2012 LX Coupe

    Don't know if anyone has asked this yet but i'm trying to see if the lid on the Si coupe as in the picture would fit onto my Lx coupe and if so where could i just find that piece2012-Honda-Civic-Si-Coupe-Rallye-Red-Exterior-Deck-Lid.jpg
  7. Trunk open indicator flashes when starting car.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, so i have 2013 civic lx. And from time to time. When i start the the car the i-mid would flash "trunk open" real quick then goes away. Of course the trunk isnt open when this happens. And trunk indicator works fine when i do open the trunk. So yeah why does it do this? Anyone else...
  8. (WANTED) LOOKING FOR *Certain* Trunk Lid Spoiler

    My Civic is still fresh from the dealer with no more than 1.5k on em, still debating on future mods and the spoiler was one I had a hard time choosing. It was between the OEM wing or lip spoiler. But while I was looking through the forums, I fell in love with this: (props go to CivicMx)...
  9. Sedan EX Trunk Hole Size

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any issues putting a 13"x17"x70" display case from the trunk through to the front passenger seat (with the seats down) in a 2012 Civic Sedan Ex.
  10. Trunk Open! wtf.... ?

    Exterior Problems
    Everytime I start up my car, my imid always displays Trunk Open, for like 1 quick second then goes to the regular imid screen and the trunk isn't open! just bugs the crap out of me. I'll turn off my car then restart then it's normal. Only happens when I turn off the car and leave it off for like...
  11. Civic FB trunk?

    So I just seen the 2012 civic FB and I fell in love with the trunk because of those reflectors. I live in USA and I can't seem to find anyone or any store that would sell this trunk so I can put it on my civic. Any help?
  12. trunk light not working.....

    Switched out the bulb with a led one and somehow it didn't work afterwards,tried the oem bulb again,no light at all. Looked at the manual for the right fuse,small interior lights i thought,but the fuse was still good,even looked for more fuses from 7.5-to 10 amps,also under the hood.....no...
  13. asia spec rear trunk

    anyone know where to get one?
  14. Trunk and license plate light fuse location?

    My trunk and license plate led light stopped working and I looked in the owners manual and can't find the location of those fuses. Does anyone know the location/number of the trunk and license plate fuses?
  15. Trunk Lid

    Is it possible to swap the coupe ex trunk lid to coupe si trunk it?
  16. LX Third Brake Light / Trunk Swap

    I am interested in getting LED bulbs or an LED third brake light anyone know what kind of bulbs I can use or if not doable if I can swap in the EX-L LED brake light? I am also interested in the LED strip at the top of the window like the Audi S7 has...
  17. Trunk space?

    Does anyone know if a 40" x 60" box will fit in the trunk of a '12 LX Coupe with the seats folded down? I don't have my car here or I would measure. I want to order this 60" tv for curb side pickup but I dont want to have it not fit when I get there. Thanks for any available info.
  18. trunk release with a bang

    Video Room
    This is food for thought, press the remote trunk release and Civic explodes, waiting to hear what is the cause Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com
  19. Ground location in trunk.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, I'm in the process of installing my amp in my trunk. I have a fairly small amp and thought it'd be a good idea to mount it directly to the top of my trunk. That way it is out of the way, and not even visible unless you stick your head in the trunk and look up. The problem I'm having...
  20. Why does our new LX not have a LX emblem on trunk?

    Is this standard and has Honda stopped labeling LX's? A fluke? I don't care, just curious.