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  1. A pillar tweeter, worthless?

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    Does any music come out of your A pillar tweeters? All I get is a faint hissy noise with my ear pressed up against it. 4 other people get the same result. 2012 sedan EX-L Navi with the 160 watt, no sub system. All balance and faders centered. Took it to the dealer and compared to 2 other cars...
  2. Tweeter size for si coupe

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    Well the final replacement is my tweeters,anyone know what size they are? anyone ever replaced? im thinking about going with infinity reference 1".I dont want to cut up anything though.Any thoughts would help,thanks
  3. Upgrade Tweeter and Woofer to LX basic

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    Guys, I just bought the car last week and new to the forum. After countless sleepless night reading up stuff from diymobilaudio, and many other places, including this very forum. My previous set up has Boston Accoustic Z6 frontage, JL XR rear, and two 12" JL W3, that system has too much bass. I...
  4. A pillar tweeter removal

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    Anyone know how you get the A pillar tweeter out? I need to see if the connections are good since it gets static when you go over bumps or rumble strips. The trim panel says that it has an air bag in it so I'm a little hesitant to just go pulling it off. I'm also thinking of just putting better...
  5. Focal TN53K tweeter

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    Just wanted to let other members know , that if you thought of installing the Focal 165KRX2 speakers in your 2012 Civic, the TN53K tweeter that comes with it, fits perfectly into the tweeter location where the stock tweeter is now , with modification to the tweeter hole. I purchased the left and...
  6. Factory tweeter replacement

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    I am ordering my Focal 165KRX2 speakers this week, for my 2012 Civic EX, and the tweeter that comes with the system is larger than the tweeter installed in the A Pillar now.. I ordered new A pillars for where the tweeter is installed on left and right side, so I dont have to modify the existing...
  7. A pillar tweeter replacement and front door speaker replacement.

    After my fiasco with replacing the rear deck speakers on my LX Coupe I still have an alpine component system to replace the fronts with. The fronts are supposed to be way easier than the rear so I figured an hour or 2 tops and I would be good to go. ten minutes in I hit a stumbling block and...