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  1. Europe Honda civic hatchback 2013 tuning

    Honda & Civic News
    Hey everybody. I own a honda civic hatchback 2013, model FK28. Engine: 1.8L , model R18Z4. The car was manufactured in the UK (by Honda UK, and i I live now in Europe). I want to upgrade my car's performance - maybe some cool air intake upgrade, cat-back exhust, maybe even performance - chips...
  2. Rain Sensing Wiper Retrofit

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hi all, so after I get an auto dimming rearview mirror installed, the next mod I want to do to my car is rain-sensing wipers, which as you probably know, weren't available on the 9th-generation Civic (or its Acura counterpart). So I'll need to wire in my own circuit. Two questions: 1. Are...
  3. Can I Switch out stock LX head unit for EX Navigation screen?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, This is my first post, sorry if its in the wrong section. I have a 2014 LX Coupe i just purchased recently (traded in my mazda 3, best thing i could have done), and ive been looking into upgrading the basic head unit (w/o navigation) and thought it would be a good idea to trade out my...
  4. Exhaust help!!

    Hi all, Just joined this site! awesome so far! I have a '13 Honda Civic lX 1.8L Sedan ... I am looking to upgrade the catback system on the car. I am on the wait list for a Tsudo system but it won't be able to ready until end of May. Are there any alternatives for my particular car that...
  5. Premium Audio System Upgrade info...GREAT INFO!!!

    I found this on another forum (DIY Mobile Audio) and had to post here as I have yet to see something this detailed for audio upgrade info. The one thing I would suggest is avoid LOC as sound quality is poor and try to incorporate a line driver instead. This will definitely help and keeps install...
  6. 2014 Civic Coupe LX engine swap/performance upgrades?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here so please bear with me. I bought the 2014 Civic coupe LX, brand new around February of 2014. It's a 5-speed manual and everything is stock but the wheels (it came with steel ones, switched to alloy rims). I love my car to death, but I think it's...
  7. Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys new to the site live in cali and looking to upgrade my 2012 Civic Lx. Looking for suggestions on a full exhaust system (intake, headers, exhaust, cat), and ignition system upgrades. I want a deep tone to my car but don't want it to get too loud. Ive seen a few clips on you youtube and...
  8. Sticking Noisey Brakes & Upgrade Question

    Suspension & Brakes
    Anyone having issues with their brakes on their SI? Mine only has 20,000km and mine stick and grab and grind pretty bad... Almost all my driving is highway... If mine sits in the driveway my E Brake sticks on solid and all the brakes grind BAD for the first half dozen stops Also, has anyone...
  9. Hybrid-Racing EM1 CMC Upgrade

    Si Only
    Don't know if anyone has done this on a 9thgen yet but I ordered it yesterday and installing it soon after. I'll let you all know how my 1st-2nd shifts are from then on. :wigglesmiley:
  10. cheap led brake upgrade.....

    Bought 4- 6" led strips for $20-, and put them in the upper taillight.....you take the taillight out and cut only the side open,about 1,2",stick them in there.There is 3m tape on the backside of this red led strips i bought.Than still drill some holes for tirewrap extra security and also lead...
  11. Is It Possible to Upgrade Steering?

    Drivetrain Problems
    In an article in this Sunday's New York Times (available online at http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/03/automobiles/autoreviews/a-well-done-do-over-raises-the-final-grade.html?_r=1&), the author praises the upgrades in the 2013 Civic and notes this: "The steering ratio is slightly quicker than...
  12. Episode #252 - 2013+ Honda Civic Sedan Taillight Upgrade Installation

    College Hills Honda
    Upgrade to Hybrid Taillights.
  13. in need of an upgrade

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have been doing some reading on the forum and find that you just can't buy and drop in new speakers while using the stock HU without a amp. What do you mean amp? Like one you use for a sub? I have never upgraded speakers before (1st non bose car). What amp should I buy? How do I hook up the...
  14. Cheapest Performance Upgrade

    I just have to say that if you want to make your car more enjoyable, drive a crappier car for a while. My girlfriend has a 2011 corolla (Manual trans), that I occasionally drive for her. After driving that thing and getting back in my si it feels like a whole different car. All of the little...
  15. I need to upgrade my Brakes!

    Suspension & Brakes
    So I was on the interstate today and some minivan cuts me off in the fast line and decided to go really slow! From this experience I think I need new brakes. These work ok around town but once speed is involved they are not that great. If I were to change out my pads and rotors would that...
  16. Front Grille Swap?

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 ex sedan and I'm thinking about swapping the grille to an si grille. Do you guys know if I should just order the grill and molding since it's cheaper than collegehillshonda grill upgrade ($160.00) or play it safe and get the collegehillshonda grille upgrade package...
  17. Seat upgrade !!!!!!!!

    Interior mods
    Ok im going to be installing some Status seats in my si what do i need to do ?!?! Any help is appreciated guys , DIGGER HELLLPPPPP
  18. Heated Side Mirrors Upgrade (2013 Civic LX)

    I opted for the base/standard 2013 Civic LX (Sedan), but I'm finding it a pain to drive in the SF Bay area because my side mirrors are fogged every morning and keep re-fogging throughout my drive (despite wiping them... which I can't do to the right mirror). What's entailed in getting heated...
  19. When is it time to upgrade your clutch?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys My car now makes 218hp to the front wheels above from the 175 from the average dynotest... At what point do you need to upgrade your clutch?
  20. Sound System Upgrade for Civic Sedan 2012 LX

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, First of all, I'm aware there are a few posts already about this topic, however I still wanted a little more help. I have no budget, but that doesn't mean super pricy either. I pay for quality and will definitely pay the extra whatever it is just to get the better. Anyway, I'm...