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  1. Exterior Styling
    Hey all, I've been trying to find good/ reputable sites to get 2012 Si coupe parts from, such as spoilers, lip kits, etc. However, every time it seems like I'm on to something good, the parts are only for the 2012 sedan or the 2014/15 coupe. I know most of the sedan parts wont fit (i.e...
  2. New Member Introductions
    hey guys/gals wanted to introduce myself, my name is Aj and i have a 2012 civic ex-l sedan. My first question is any upgrades you guys would suggest ? this is my daily driver.
  3. Si Only
    I've installed a skunk2 exhaust and Skunk2 CAI, I wanted to know what would be the next thing to upgraded or bolt on, maybe flash pro. please i would really like some advice.:whitedomokundance:
  4. Suspension & Brakes
    If it is successful the tighter suspension and quicker steering ratio which should improve handling and make it more fun to drive. I also like the new safety frame which means I may survive a crash with an SUV, the standard backup camera and improved split display is also a nice touch...
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, so I've decided to upgrade my stereo in my 2012 LX coupe and planned on having the installation done at my local shop tomorrow. I've never had a problem with these guys and the work has always been great, but this time I'm not sure if they are BSing me. Basically I will be upgrading...
  6. ECU Tuning
    I am going to buy a Greddy Air Intake system for my 2012 Si-HFP also I am going to do the Hondata ECU reflash. Has anyone done this combination of upgrades? If so what would be the pros/cons?
  7. Interior
    Hey guys, I found a cool little thing to make your door panels stand out some more from the regular trim and give it some pizazz. Firstly, heres my car, black si coupe (after a vigorous wash and wax right before I did the doors). So here is the panel beforehand, plain jane. What you can do...
  8. Coupe
    Have any of you done this full upgrade? What's it like? Honda and Acura Fans: Honda Factory Performance (HFP) tuned Civic Si Coupe
  9. Exterior
    Hey everyone. I've been doing a substantial amount of research, and I'm leaning towards upgrading my OEM halogen bulbs rather than going the HID route because I don't want to deal with the potential error messages and all the angry drivers I'd be blinding. I'm also not in a position to shell out...
  10. Audio/Video & Navigation
    RETRACING STOCK WIRE.... 0 Gauge Kicker Stinger SPT820 RING TERMINAL ((bETTER FIT FOR ALTERNATOR )) Stinger SPT820 Set Screw Ring Terminal, 1/0 Gauge Input to 5/16" i dindt connect the stock wire because ther were no space for it so i just tape it on the tip Alternator To Battery I taped...
  11. Coupe
    plasti dipped honda emblems, removed civic badge. LED map lights, dome light, trunk light, license plate light this picture doesnt do justice, hard to capture the true crisp clean color of the LED with my phone cam. put in some leather seat covers. 20% tint all around(besides front...
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    hey guys i have a 2012 lx sedan with the stock system, and i really want to replace the speakers everywhere. what is the best type of speaker that will fit as well as provide a decent amount of bass. i was spoiler in my gti back in the day when i had 3-10inch subwoofers. they were just...
  13. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Just thought I'd post this here since this forum is where one would post a problem after doing a disconnect on the car battery for whatever reason, and then getting a messed-up a/v nav system... I installed a fog light kit on my Civic LX coupe and did the battery disconnect per the...
  14. Suspension & Brakes
    Does anyone know good places to look for suspension upgrades -- springs, shocks, sway bars -- for the 9th gen Civics?
  15. (Non-Si)
    heys guys and gals i just purchased a 2012 honda civic never had a honda before. if anyone could help me by letting me know where to look for performance parts and what are the best to buy. thanks for any help from anyone.
  16. Wheels and Tires
    Edit: Think I found a way to update it myself in the event of switching out wheels (lol...worth it if you do it 100 times or more): http://www.tiretoolsonline.com/KTI-71990A-Tire-Pressure-Monitoring-System-Activation-Tool-K-Tool-International-71990A_p_28487.html
  17. Coupe
    So never owned a stock vehicle in my life and dont plan on it with this one. I get a feeling that probably goes the same for most here...my question is whats on your wishlist? what mod's are you going to do first? For me it will be simple things to start 1. Limo tint 2. Viper alarm with...
  18. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    im already planning for my mods to the car even before i get it. but since im probably going to be putting nitrous on it im thinking of changing the headers at the same time. is it worth that extra money to get some nice 4-2-1 headers?
  19. Si Only
    With my older Civic, i found Spoon Sports and T1R to be my top favorites for performance. I used some Injen parts in the past, but i ended up selling them within weeks of buying it. What are your favorite aftermarket performance brands?
  20. Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(