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  1. New member in Upstate New York

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! Just picked up a 2012 Civic LX in Alabaster Silver on Monday Oct 15th. Traded in the Honda Fit Sport I've had for the last three and a half years. Was concerned about fuel economy because I was averaging 37mpg with the Fit, but my first fillup got better than that! So far I've...
  2. Upstate NY Civics

    Anyone from Upstate? Saratoga Springs here. Spotted my first 9th Gen Civic Si brother today. Rallye Red 4 door. On Saturdays at the Wilton Best Buy there is a small gathering of tuners. Seen one 8th Gen Si there. I hope there are more of us out there! I've been seeing waaaay too many Kia Fortes...
  3. Photo Shoot In Upstate NY 7.24.12

    Pictures and Images
    Here are a few shots from a shoot our car club did yesterday in Upstate NY.