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  1. Questions about USB port and steering wheel controls.

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    Hello, I'm new here, so sorry if I do something wrong. Also forgive me in advance for my English, as I am Brazilian and English is not my native language. Well, I bought a civic 2012 recently and it didn't come with the factory HU. So I can't use the steering wheel controls and the central USB...
  2. 2012 Civic LX USB Adapter Cable

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    I have a USB cable that resides inside the center arm rest. Every time I plug my phone in, the phone screen claims it's charging, but continues to lose power. I mentioned it to a friend of mine who tested it with his smartphone and had the same results (i.e., the phone continued to discharge)...
  3. Missing USB Cable,need help where to connect it

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    I have a honda civic 2012 lx that came with no USB Cable, (i bought the car but i did not check it)i want to buy a USB Female cable adapter for the civic, but i have no idea where to connect it, i dont see a spot behind the radio, May i get some help on where it must connect?
  4. Usb problems from day one!!!!!

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    So I know someone is going to come out and say just look it up and I have no one has actually helped me with my problem and I have tried them all. But here's my problem. Since I got the car a year ago I have never been able to get about 4 usbs to make a connection all I get is unsupported. I've...
  5. Next track lag from ipod USB

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    I have a 2012 lx coupe. Is anyone else expericing a 1-2 second lag after pushing hte next track button befor it actually changes music? Is there a fix?
  6. New to forum: USB cable question

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    Hi, I am trying to find out how the USB cable for syncing a thumb drive/iPod is connected to the back of the 'radio'? Currently when I hook multiple USB drives to the existing cable none of them work or light up showing they are being accessed. I'm wondering if the cable has issue and would...
  7. USB 3.0 Flash Drive not working in my car

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    I bought a super fast Patriot Flash Drive for music listening in my Si. When I hook it up it says, unsupported! Anyone know how to fix it? Its formatted fat32. I was using a USB 2.0 Flash Drive by SanDisk. I had no problems with it, but the patriot drive is ridiculously fast! So I decided to...
  8. i-Mid (2013) and Android USB / Bluetooth Compatibility

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    For those of you who have an android phone, I wanted to save you the time of figuring out what does/doesn't work with i-Mid (on the latest 2013 i-Mid system, in my 2013 Civic LX). If anybody's found something different from what I've concluded below, please let me know: Connecting an android...
  9. iPhone 5 USB

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    So I'm assuming everyone realizes how flakey the USB cord is....sometimes it works, sometimes its unsupported. I'm fine with that, I take it how it is - it is still an amazing piece of equipment. ANYWAYS has anyone tried to listen to their phone AFTER ejecting a CD?? Its IMPOSSIBLE to get it...
  10. iPod not charging/playing thru center console

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    first time post/user. bought a 2012 Civic Manual in May 2012. been using my iPod 30GB Vid flawlessly thru USB in center console for months. Then one day the battery started reading 'extremely low'. eventually (usually 20 minutes) into commute it would start playing. but then i noticed, if...
  11. 12v outlet and USB not working

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    My USB and cigarette 12v outlet isn't working in the center console. It was a couple of days ago and all of a sudden it stopped. I checked the fuse (#12 interior) and it was fine. Just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what could be wrong. Thanks in advance adam
  12. 2012-2013 Yellow USB Map Update v9.C0 - (Navi Update Available Now!!)

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    Current update for North America only - contact your dealer for your updates... Civic - 2012 - 2013 Yellow USB Map Update v9.C0 - 2013 Yellow USB Map Update v9.C0 Free shipping is available through January 31, 2013Hit the road with the latest navigation information at your fingertips. With...
  13. So when the USB port doesn't find any music...

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    What should I do? Here is my situation: My 2012 Civic EX refuses to stay connected via bluetooth. It's also unpredictable. Sometimes I can go for 15 minutes without a disconnect, but sometimes I get four or five disconnects per minute. It was bad with my iPhone 3 and it's seemingly worse...
  14. Random all on USB

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    Just something I've noticed. I tend to listen to my music on random all. I have a 32g stick with about 20g of music. I started out with all my music in separate folders. One for the artist and then one for each album. I used the program that's linked somewhere in this forum to put them all in...
  15. using iphone as USB ipod?

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    Hello everyone a friend gave me their old iphone 3gs and i would like so use it was a iPod since its hard drive is bigger than my iPod nano. However, when I connect the USB it says "NOT SUPPORTED". Has anyone else encountered and/or corrected this? Thanks
  16. iPhone 5 stock USB compatibility? Has anyone (pre)ordered one?

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    Here's something interesting I read on engadget.com ( iPhone 5 review -- Engadget ) So does anyone have one, or will have one and will be willing to test this out? :\
  17. about playing mp3 on usb

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    hi! i just wanna know if anyone also experienced this. so i copied and pasted mp3 file to my usb. when i viewed it on i-mid, all mp3s have duplicate copy. i don't know where the duplicate copies came from. so the original can be played and the duplicate is unsupported. i hope someone here can...
  18. USB Frustration...

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    I've had my EX coupe for about a year now, and have had absolutely no problems....until now. I constantly have my iPod plugged in to the USB port when I'm driving, and recently (about halfway through my drive) it will flash 'Unsupported' on the i-Mid screen, and as soon as I disconnect it and...
  19. Organization of USB Music is Horrible! I must be doing something wrong here...

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    2012 Si with factory stock radio. No Navi, just my iMIDI screen. My USB music comes up fine but instead of seeing artists and then subfolders of albums being in those it's just ALL albums. It is organized by alphabetical order (as in artist A's albums are first, then B, then C, etc.) but all I...
  20. USB play "skips"

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    I hit a couple of bumps today that may my USB play skip like an old CD player. It appears to me the connection was lost temporarily like there was a loose wire or connector aggravated by hitting the bump. Player came back unlike the frozen iPod connection we've had discussed on this forum...