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  1. Sedan
    ...a gauge pod for adding gauges like boost, oil temp, etc. Something that looks like it was made to be there. Maybe mounted on top of the steering column? Thanks! Sent from my SPH-D710 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  2. (Non-Si)
    Hey guys, new to the site, noticed all of the CAI threads and just thought I would make my own. I already know what I want, the intake preferably in black and with the moisture cover that some sites are offering. Whats my best bet in terms of a place to order from that will include the cover...
  3. Sedan
    Can we get a list going of vendors who are offering aftermarket products for our 9thGen Civics? I realize these cars just came out and it will take some time for products to become available, but let's please share info with each other as soon as it's discovered. Hopefully the mods will...