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  2. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Well here is it, I'm sure you guys will need comparison, but believe me its LOUD! but quiet at part throttle and while cruising with a slight whistle during part throttle acceleration. The window was cracked during the making of this short clip. 100% 0%
  3. Video Room
    "updated video coming soon next week more mods! :D"
  4. Video Room
    15k hid kit 2012 civic si coupe - YouTube" comments or like is appreciated.....
  5. Video Room
    Ran across this on youtube. Sounds pretty cool when he does it for the first time! :dancingcoolsmiley:
  6. Video Room
    funny little video.. nice to know we all know how to have goofy fun....
  7. Video Room
    Hey guys! Did a small review video of my car:D hope u guys like it! Its a canadian one , not sure if there is much difference but here it is!:
  8. Video Room
    Scion FR-S / Toyota FT-86 spy video is finally up. I was waiting on something like this for a while. Seems like a FR-S test mule and maybe not 100% like what will be in production. If you watch the video and listen carefully you can hear the FR-S engine, the boxer engine that is which sounds...
  9. Video Room
    spotted this vid this morning... didnt see it posted here yet so thought I would share. this same dealer has a few other new civic ads as well for your enjoyment. the Si vid shows off the sequential shift lights and is stating 201 HP...
1-9 of 11 Results