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  1. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    I'm thinking about doing a vinyl wrap on the roof and possibly trunk of my orange '13 si sedan. I cant decide between glossy black or carbon fiber or a combo of both. Definitely want glossy black on the roof but maybe a CF spoiler or part of the trunk in glossy black. Any reccomendations?
  2. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey guys, I'm going to vinyl wrap my car this Saturday. Stay tuned for pics. :wigglesmiley:
  3. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Does anyone know how to take the base cover and skull cap off the door mirrors? I'm trying to wrap these pieces, and I would rather do that with them off the car. From the looks of it, the skull cap has some clips that can be popped off, but I think I'm going to have to take the mirror glass...
1-3 of 3 Results