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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hey Guys, I noticed it can be really hard to see the backup camera screen because of the sun's glare, unless I covered it with my hand. Is there a visor or the like that would extend from the dash and cover the guages/instrument panel? Thanks, Nila
  2. Build Section
    Hey folks. "My name Jeff" -(22nd Jump Street) and I've had my Civic for quite some time now... got her brand new on 11/13/13 to be exact. Has about 13k miles commuting to work and school. As you'll be seeing in the pictures provided, that my car has been through a few too many changes. My...
  3. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I enjoy my 2013 Honda Civic EX but find the visors and side mirrors need a vast improvement. The visors do very little for protection from the sun. The side mirrors often allow for vehicles from the rear to blind me, especially trucks. Does anyone know where or how I can upgrade or completely...
  4. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Anybody covered up their visor warning stickers? If so, how? Should I use carbon fiber wrap or just black out with permanent marker? I want a solution that will stand the test of time but I do plan on tinting my windshield this week.
  5. Sedan
    Hey guys! I have a rear windshield visor I bought off of ProCivic, I've had it on for about 3 weeks now and almost half of it popped off. I used some exterior double sided (3M) tape that supposedly can hold 5lbs, I thought I had enough, it looked like too much at first but I figured extra would...
  6. Coupe
    Hey guys! So a friend of mine has a 97 Prelude with a rear visor. I asked him can I test fit it on my Coupe. So I tried it and It fits really really good. Looks good. from length and width. So I'm planning on Purchasing one today. I have no patience what so ever. And I know their not going to...
  7. Exterior Problems
    I'll try and keep this short. Purchased a new Civic SI coupe recently. I had a Honda Moonroof Visor installed. When the car hits 35 miles an hour you hear a hissing noise like a tire loosing air. Long story short, worked with the dealer to determine its definitely the visor. Had it replaced...
  8. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Anyone have a good way to get the stickers off of the sun visors? mainly the ones that you can see when the visors are flipped up. i can't stand seeing them but I don't want to ruin the visor in any way.
  9. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Does anyone know where to get one for a sedan? Will a 2011 spoiler work? I know it's prob a long shot lol
  10. Sedan
    Just installed a moonroof visor...very easy to do..and makes a big difference..now I can have the roof open on the freeway..and I saved 47.50 installing myself Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  11. Sedan
    More PICS here: http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/kplayground/2035-rear-visors-whale-tale-available-now-9th-civic-sedan.html
  12. Exterior Styling
    Man...has anyone heard of window visors for the 2012 Civic coupe, i know they have window visors for the sedan, but that doesnt help me lol...i was looking forward to getting them when i bought my car, but to my surprise there is none :icon_scratch:
1-13 of 19 Results