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  1. HI trying to find the best place to buy Jdm side visors

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    if you can lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreaciated. just got my black 2015 civic yesterday, i want to get red jdm badges, side visors and rims. located in sf bay area. if you can lead me in the direction for any of these it would be awesome. feel free to post some...
  2. New Owner of 2015 Civic EX-L, Dyno Blue Pearl - Looking to Mod! Help!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and in my 2015 Civic EX-L, Dyno Blue Pearl! I love it. Now I want to do a couple cheap mods just to spice up the look a little. I have already purchased and am waiting on the following: -Opt7 interior LED lighting kit -Blue replacement dome/map/interior bulbs set...
  3. Weather tech visors - coupes only.

    I know we've anxiously been waiting for the weather tech visors to come out for our coupes, as soon as they are out I'd like to start a group buy on them. Perhaps we can cut a deal with them directly, please drop thoughts below.
  4. 2012 Kplayground Christmas & New Year Gift Set #4!! Mugen style window visors +

    2012 Kplayground Christmas Gift Set #4! Mugen Style Window Visors come with 3 x FREE LED interior light bulbs. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Leave message below or Email [email protected] to order.
  5. Door Visors 2012 Civic 4dr

    Exterior Styling
    Door Visors 2012 Civic 4dr http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/doorvisors.pdf
  6. Nextmod - Mugen Style Visors

    We have the Mugen visors in stock for the 2012+ 4dr :) Please PM for pricing :)
  7. Are Visors Worth?

    Hello everyone, I am back again with another silly question. I am looking at many posts about visors.... But are they worth? I do not have any close friends or family who has visors on their cars, so I dont know much about it. As far as i know they are used only in rain, so that you can...
  8. Anyone have the Mugen style visors from Kplayground or Ebay installed?

    I would love to see pictures! Thank you, just ordered mine a couple days ago. :D
  9. Coupe Moonroof Visors..... OEM vs. Aftermarket

    I want to get a moonroof visor but i'm not sure which one to get. Is it that different in style? It seems like the OEM covers the moonroof more (based on da pics on the honda site, to me looks better. Looks lower) but i really dont want to spend $100 if an AVS one, which is a whole lot cheaper...
  10. Civic Coupe Fog Lights !!!

    Who Knows where I can get yellow fog lights for my coupe lx
  11. Window Visors on Sedan LX

    Hello: Just curious if the Visors will look good on Civic LX sedan or will be too much of extras on a car. Do you guys prefer them on windows or it's personal decision? Thank you!
  12. Official sedan rain guard, window deflector, and window/rain/vent/door visor thread

    Does anyone know if the 8thgen Civic's Mugen window visor fit the 9th Gen Civic's?
  13. Official coupe rear window visor/roof spoiler thread

    What's the point of it? To me personally I don't really like it, it just looks funny. My boyfriend likes them but I can't seem to see why. Anyone have it on their rides?
  14. Official coupe rain guard, window deflector, and window/rain/vent/door visor thread

    Exterior Styling
    Man...has anyone heard of window visors for the 2012 Civic coupe, i know they have window visors for the sedan, but that doesnt help me lol...i was looking forward to getting them when i bought my car, but to my surprise there is none :icon_scratch:
  15. Civic Coupe Underspoilers/ Possible Door Visors?

    Anyone know if its possible to install the doors visors for the sedan onto the coupe? or if there are any door visors currently available for the coupe....i really only want it for the rainy days in california...it gets really foggy inside the car...to top it off im not entirely sure how it...
  16. Door Visors and Splash Guards

    What are people's thoughs on the door visors and splash guards? I've been thinking about what I want to start off with for "mods". Since there's not much out there right now, I like both the door visors and splash guards. After reading the installation instructions, both look fairly easy to do...