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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a 2012 Honda Civic and love the iMid. Is there a way to turn off the "Say the name of the person you'd like to call" prompt when you first push the talk button? I know you can push it a second time to pre-empt the prompt, but I thought it could be turned off entirely. I really think...
  2. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I recently downloaded Google Maps for my iPhone 4 (running the newest iOS) and have been loving it. I find myself using it more than my spotty Garmin nuvi that is increasingly finding its way to the pawn shop. I found a little easter egg I wanted to share, if its not already common knowledge...
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Has anyone had any experience with Siri or samsung S Voice over the bluetooth/iMid and any pros or cons on either of them?:wigglesmiley:
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Has anybody ever tried using the address book while using voice commands? It only allows me to go down three times and then won't do anymore. If I am not using voice commands, it works okay. Also, is there anyway I can sort the address book other than alphabetically? I would prefer to put the...
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Ok so anyone find a way to turn that damn womans voice down when you activate the voice dial? Also when my iphone gets the unsupported error half the time when I unplug it the car still thinks it's plugged in and I have to actually turn the car off and turn it back on to reset the USB. Any...
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, I have Android Phone which has 2.3.3 OS. I used this phone for gps device at driving. I have Canadian version LX 2012 which has bluetooth integration. I have two questions: 1. During the gps navigation with phone, if someone called me, how can I answer the call by voice? 2. During the...
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Does anyone wish the LX had voice recognition for numbers where you can just say the number instead of inputting the number in manually? Sort of defeats the purpose of hands free to have to select 10 numbers before dialing. Or am I missing something and it actually has this, I know the EX and...
  8. Audio/Video & Navigation
    In order to voice dial someone I need to register them as a speed dial number. With my old POS LG bluetooth headset it would pass along the commands to my android phone and use the awesome Google voice recognition. Is there any way to have imid pass along those instructions? With my phone now I...
  9. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, Does anyone know how to turn up the volume of the Navigation voice ? If my radio is half way up, I can't hear the Navigation lady. There must be separate volume controls for the radio and navigation right? Thanks. LOVE THIS CAR!
  10. Audio/Video & Navigation
    If you want to enter an address on the navi while driving, you need to do it by voice. Do you have to have to do it letter by letter though?
1-10 of 10 Results