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  1. New Member Introductions
    So this is my first honda, and i gotta say i love it. Im 18 and have been in love with the civic si since i was like 13 and now i finally have one. My friend drives what is basically a honda integra and talked me into and glad he did. I am quickly becoming a huge Honda fanboy and am not ashamed...
  2. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I know people have touched base on this before, but here it goes... i bought a 2012 civic Si and i bought the Injen intake for it. I installed the Injen intake, install went great no problems there. i had the intake in for about 3 to 4 weeks and the i started having problems with my car. it...
  3. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I was just wondering does any of you think that the after market short intake, header, exhaust kits that they make for the 2.4 vtec accord will fit my 2012 Civic Si??? I found all the parts on ebay and they look like they'll fit but not sure... HeaderSkunk2 Mega Power Stainless Steel Exhaust...
1-3 of 3 Results