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  1. 2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

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    Name: Jeremy R. Car Nickname: Nikita Location: Binghamton, NY About me:Well, to start off I've owned my 2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe for...
  2. Wallpaper Change

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    If I change the wallpaper or add new ones, will the Honda and the Si that come on when you initially open the turned off car still come on? Thanks! Sent from AutoGuide.com App
  3. Creating SI wallpaper

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    Ok this one I need help on, its kind of a carry off of lgvtec's badass photo post I'm going to create a SI wallpaper, of coupes and sedans in photoshop I need help though, everyone submit a photo of your car posed in the way according to how I'm putting this I need every colour of SI coupe...
  4. no import wallpaper setting

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    I just purchased a 2012 civic and am trying to import a couple pictures to my wallpaper. When I plug in the USB.. there is no import wallpaper option.. what am I doing wrong?
  5. Messing with Wallpaper and noticed the 7's

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    I found that awesome Kit wallpaper and decided to try it out, took some pictures and noticed all the 7's.
  6. No wallpaper option

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    Hi, i just got my 2012 civic hybrid and there's no wallpaper selection after selecting "customize"! whats wrong with it??
  7. I-MiD wallpaper setup?

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    I went through the tech part of my manual and it's not very specific as to how you upload a wallpaper. I have an Iphone 4s and I tried hooking it up by cable and then messed with my phone/ the MiD. Kinda in the dark and i'm tired of looking at fuel economy or an analog clock...
  8. Wallpaper Display

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    Hi, I just bought a 2012 honda civic sedan. I uploaded my wallpaper from a flashdrive and saved it on my i-mid. I selected it to use as my wallpaper and it confirmed it was selected but my screen doesn't change. Is this something I need to show dealer?
  9. How do you put on a wallpaper?

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    I recently got a 2012 honda civic SI with nav. I know there is a way to put a wallpaper on it, and im too lazy to look in the manual. How can I do this? I figured if my iPhone was connected through bluetooth I could just manually select one of my pictures. Do I need to plug the USB part in...
  10. [DIY] Save Wallpaper to iMid Display

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    Ok here it is.... This step takes a while sometimes: When it loads you have to click on the center button. This comes up if you have an image in the space already.
  11. [DIY] Save Wallpaper to iMid Display

    Ok here it is.... This step takes a while sometimes: When it loads you have to click on the center button. This comes up if you have an image in the space already.
  12. Wallpaper

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    Having difficulties in loading wallpaper into the iMid. Following page 93 of the manual...making sure I meet the file type, size, and dimensions. Getting to step #6 then it bombs where the file isn't loaded. Any suggestions?
  13. Best i-Mid Wallpaper

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    What would be a sweet/creative i-Mid wallpaper? Interested in what ideas there might be, and I haven't seen a thread about this so I thought I'd start one. Post your ideas!