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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, I've noticed sometimes after I turn off my car when it's "resting", I hear a weird metal sound coming from underneath the car. And I was wondering what this noise was, and the cause of it. I was thinking maybe it's cause I'm driving too fast (I usually shift around 3-4k revs, and then...
  2. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Weird things happened today. First on my imid. Suddenly the parking sensor show up. Second on this forum. I can only see 6 new post only... IS it only me or this forum has the coding change?:icon_wave::icon_wave:
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    Every time I start the car, I noticed there's a one time loud clicking sound coming from around the glove box area. It happens as soon as the engine is being started. It's a bit difficult to describe through words, so I captured it with my phone. The sound appear at the 12-second mark. Any...
  4. Drivetrain Problems
    I've had my LX standard transmission since November 2011 and about 3 weeks ago have noticed this weird feeling when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Its as if the stick "pops" out of first like it was spring loaded and you can feel its kind of rough rather than the smooth shift feeling.. sorry don't...
  5. Interior Problems
    Hey all, I think I'm just a little paranoid here but today as I was making a pretty sharp left turn, I could hear a pretty major rubbing noise coming from what sounds like the front right of the car. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I was able to reproduce it a few times in a...
  6. Drivetrain Problems
    She came home to tell me that when she was driving to work yesterday going 40 mph on a flat road that when she was coming to a stop light she started to break when the rpm's jumped up to 3 and stayed there so she pulled into a parking lot put it in park then it jumped back down. She found it...
  7. Intakes and Spacers
    So does anyone know if a good cold air intake has been produced yet for the 9th gen? I'm hoping for a good K&N, also I know those automatic car washes are bad for them, is there anyway around that short of pull out your CAI?
  8. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Never heard of "Eco Assist" until today. Can someone please explain what this is, apparently it will come standard on all 2012 Civic models, and other vehicles in Honda's line up.
1-8 of 8 Results