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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Just freshly installed my BC Racing coilovers on my daily, but now she’s in need of some spacers for some flush fitment. I looked online and couldn’t find any with reviews (the ones without reviews just look really sketchy), anyone know where I can find 10mm/15mm spacers (5x114.3)? Thanks!
  2. For Sale Section
    ----SOLD---- Hey 9thgencivic, I just bought these H&R Wheel Spacers, but had a change of mind since my setup has some minor rubbing with them. They sit flush with the fenders and look great, but I decided don't want to deal with rubbing or modifying fenders/liners. I only ran the spacers for...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    Hi all, Recently I have bought my new Dodge car & I want to use best wheel spacer for my car. One of my best friends suggested me customadeonly.com. But I want to know more. So please suggest me any other.
  4. Sedan
    Car: 2012 Civic EX Sedan 1.8L Note: I am new to this site and recently purchased; my first car(the civic) and I'm not to familiar with the modding/jdm world and was looking to learn and start small! first cosmetic changes then under the hood! Spoiler Painting: I have found a spoiler I really...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I got my 2013 si sedan in July and since then I blacked out all the chrome as well as the rims but it's time to slam it. I was wondering if I should put on some 25mm hubcentric spacers before or after slamming it. or if 25mm is too much...I need help please, if someone with a similar set up...
  6. Wheels and Tires
    1" Wheel Spacers on Si HFP Hey guys need to buy some spacers for the car because the wheels the car came with are too slim. Instead of spending the cash to have new wheels and tires put on, i'm just gonna put wheels spacers on for now. At least that way the wheels would be flush with the...
1-7 of 8 Results