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  1. Coupe
    Can a sedan owner tell me the measurements of the sedan rear window going across? Thanks.
  2. Interior Problems
    Has anyone else noticed that the driver side window doesn't roll 100% down below the weather strip? It's barley noticeable but I noticed it on my Si and my friends Lx.
  3. Interior Problems
    This morning I got into my car to go to work and noticed the button/switch that controls the driver's window was not working. The button/switch that controls the passenger side's window was working. Also, the Window Lock switch to lock the passenger's window was not working. My car has never...
  4. Sedan
    Hello: Just curious if the Visors will look good on Civic LX sedan or will be too much of extras on a car. Do you guys prefer them on windows or it's personal decision? Thank you!
  5. Sedan
    For those of you who have these installed on your vehicle...please share your thoughts/level of satisfaction Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  6. Interior Problems
    I'm not entirely sure why it wouldn't be working but it's winter here (-6°C/21°F). The window is stuck in a closed position and when I try to open it you can see it move the door panel a bit and try to open, but go nowhere. I suppose I should call up the dealership tomorrow and figure out when I...
  7. Interior Problems
    Hello guys.... I have a problem with door panel I have PMM EX model and when i close my front Driver side window, i can feel my door panel move almost half a inch outside (i mean to say towards driver) and when i open window it again goes back inside towards door. I called dealer and he said...
  8. Audio/Video & Navigation
    ok i noticed sometimes when im using my bluetooth and i roll my windows up or down i hear clicks through the speakers, not a huge deal but kinda sucks, anyone else hear these?
  9. Sedan
    Does anyone know if the 8thgen Civic's Mugen window visor fit the 9th Gen Civic's?
  10. Coupe
    What's the point of it? To me personally I don't really like it, it just looks funny. My boyfriend likes them but I can't seem to see why. Anyone have it on their rides?
  11. Mid-Atlantic
    I'm not really close to anyone but if theres something happening I'd be down and I'm sure I could convince some friends too! Just got mine this week lol.
  12. Interior mods
    Honda Civic 2012 4 doors I want to install a Window Auto Rollup module. I need to cut 4 wires (4 windows) . I need to insert the module between the "window motor UP" and the "window switch". Question 1: Where can I found those 4 wires. In the door or in the dashboard ? Question 2: Where can I...
  13. Sedan
    More PICS here: http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/kplayground/2035-rear-visors-whale-tale-available-now-9th-civic-sedan.html
  14. Interior Problems
    Does anyone have a problem with their windows always fogging? I mean I work nights so I get off in the morn, fog is understandable, but today 3pm afternoon all sunny out aroudn 65-70 deg and my windshield and rear windows fog up, BTW windows are down! I seem to have this problem all the time...
  15. Exterior Styling
    Man...has anyone heard of window visors for the 2012 Civic coupe, i know they have window visors for the sedan, but that doesnt help me lol...i was looking forward to getting them when i bought my car, but to my surprise there is none :icon_scratch:
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hi all...we bought Civic LX couple of months ago. Loving the gas mileage. Used to drive large sedan and SUV. Civic feels very light and easy. Except for it not being flashy, we love it.
  17. Interior Problems
    Hi all - I don't know if this is something that is real or completely in my imagination. I used to drive a 2008 Civic, and am now in the 2012. For some reason, I feel like the windows on the 2008 had a more substantial closing force. The 2012 just sort of close. There isn't any leakage or...
  18. Coupe
    I am looking to get some tints for my tail lights and windows..i have the 2012 civic coupe and i think i want tints for the two front windows along with the small windows for the back seat..also, i think that the tail light tints would be easiest to install if they are pre-cut so if anybody...
  19. Interior mods
    Soo... I wanted to show you guys something you might end up having a problem with, I got my tint done at Tint King Billerica, MA and They told me that the bubbles from the back top window should go away with time. It really messes up the black clean look of the car because the bubble's make it...
  20. California
    Im planning on doing my tint this saturday and im thinking about doing a 35% front and limo in the back for legal reason. I would like to go darker in the front but i don't want the hassle of being stopped by the police and redoing my tint. Anyone in the so cal area experiencing any problem with...