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  1. Coupe
    And also, does anyone happen to have a 4 door si wing on their 2 door? i’m looking to do so but wanted something as a reference.
  2. Appearance and Body Modifications
    i'm not sure what the difference is between a wing and a spoiler but whatever the difference is i really like this one! anyone know where to get one like it?
  3. Sedan
    Alright. So I've been doing an enormous amount of research and haven't found a thread yet that is dedicated to aftermarket wings/spoilers that fit the factory trunk holes on 9th gen Si's. I have a 2015 sedan and I don't really like the stock spoiler. So I tried ordering a mugen wing but it...
  4. Coupe
    Ok so i saw a gurney flap on password jdm for 2012+ civics and the part number says FG4. My question is would it fit on my 2014 FG3? Ive been looking for something to do to the back. not sure if i want put a stock spoiler on it or find an aftermarket one. If i could get a Mugen wing to fit i'd...
  5. Sedan
    We just finished wrapping up our video and product images for a really nice looking new spoiler / wing we started carrying. We call it the TRM Style Spoiler and I think it greatly improves the overall look of the 9th Gen Civic sedan. It almost looks like something that would have gone on a...
  6. Sedan
    I just purchased the kplayground mugen spoiler for my 2013 civic and needed help on installing it, anybody have a walk through on how to install?
  7. Appearance and Body Modifications
    More picture here http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/kplayground/12656-kplayground-rr-spoiler-9th-gen-civic-sedan-just-arrived-limited-stock-only.html
  8. Sedan
    Anyone seen this before? Unpainted Honda 2012 Civic Sedan 4D Limit Trunk Spoiler 4pcs Kinda reminds me of the 8thgen Mugen Si Wing...
  9. Sedan
    So where do ppl buy their Si Wing or you can call it trunk lid? I heard its 187 with shipping its 197 on majestic honda website. Am I correct?
  10. Sedan
    Has anyone removed the factory si spoiler and installed the optional wing? I know I would have to plug some holes but I was mainly interested in knowing if the mounting holes on the corners were in the same spot. Thanks
  11. Coupe
    i just bought a wing spoiler for my coupe and i cant find a way to install it... i looked at the video but still dint get it...anybody who has install can help me pls...
  12. Exterior Styling
    9th Gen Honda Civic Wing Spoiler Installation 2012
  13. Sedan
    I've been looking all over the internet for a spoiler for my Si Sedan that I won't have to drill new holes for. Any spoilers/wings that use the holes that are already there from the trunk lip? I would hate to drill new holes and then have to fill the old ones. Anything?
  14. Exterior Styling
    This is my first DIY, I didn't get pictures of the whole process but this is for removing the OEM lip spoiler to install the OEM wing spoiler. First things first, pop off the fabric interior of the trunk lid - BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK PLUGS They are two stage plugs, so use a plug removal tool or...
  15. Sedan
    Installing oem wing spoiler on my SI today vs the lip spoiler if anyone else ends up doing this, make sure you have lots of plugs or something to fill the 7 holes plus the brake light hole lol nothing lines up Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  16. Sedan
    Hey there I have lip spoiler on my civic SI but in all honesty I'm not too please with it, I'm thinking of going aftermarket wing, but which one? Or even a different Honda spoiler, that's at least not fully integrated into trunk lid, can someone help me out in deciding?
  17. Coupe
    I really want a wing like these on my blue Si coupe, can some one tell me where to buy one?
  18. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hi, I have a 2012 civic couple, lx. Can I get the wing spoiler, under accessories for the civic sedan, and will Honda install it on my coupe, or is not compatible? I'm asking because under coupe accessories, there is no wing spoiler, yet under sedan there is. I really think it would look nice...
  19. Coupe
    Should I trust this? or no? Painted Red LED ABS Spoiler/Wing For Honda 2012 UP Civic 4dr Sedan | eBay $120 for the wing spoiler painted with the LED 3rd brake light is a great price. Opinions?
  20. College Hills Honda
    For a limited time 2012 sedan wing spoilers are on sale for $275. Promotion ends 6/30/12. Retail $399 Special $275 ::Add to Cart::