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    Hi All! I swapped the radio unit from an EX to my LX. It’s been great but I REALLY want the HDMI feature. Does anyone know the name of the wire? Where can I buy it? I really need help finding it! Also if you know where in the back of the unit it plugs in that would be great!
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    Hi ! Im trying to find a tach wire (place and color) because Im installing an after market remote starter, ! need to find a tach signal (same signal like when your installing after market tachometer) to plug my viper remote start Thanks
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    I was wondering if anybody has a helms manual and would be able to post pictures or links to wiring diagrams for 2012 4DR Civic EX. Looking to install remote start and would like to look at wire placement before I start. Thanks, Mar
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    Hello everyone. How y'all doing? I'm kinda new so i don't know what info i need to provide but i'll do my best to describe my problem. My switch wire (BLUE WIRE) to automatically turn on and off the amps/subs doesn't have a fuse ,and is directly connected to a fuse slot. The switch wire is...
  6. Exterior
    Does anyone know where the 1-pin brown connector behind the window washer fluid bottle routes to? I am trying to use it for my eBay foglight installation. I can't find a way to route the wire inside the cabin and looking to use this connector. Please help. Want to get this done tonight...
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    1) The front and rear speakers look like they have the same type plug/harness that connects to the speaker. DO YOU KNOW WHAT AFTERMARKET HARNESS(ES) WILL WORK? - ANYTHING FROM METRA OR SCOSCHE OR EBAY ANYTHING??? 2) My wife is away for two weeks, so the car project is on...LED tie ins (already...
  8. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    He guys. I'm just curious if anyone had even attempted a tuck in our cars yet? I'm not talking full on tuck with floating engine or anything but just clean out some of the wiring in there. F anyone has any insight let me know.
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    Well I was finally sucessful in getting my new speaker wires into both front doors, without having to drill through the molex connectors on the backside of the top flexible boot. The method I used was as follows........ Remove the bottom door boot from the door , and just let it hang loose, and...
  10. Interior mods
    Here's something that i'm surprised no-one has used yet. It's called el wire, you can bend, splice,and length does not effect the illumination, also works 12 volt,110,and battery here's a few photos the 1st has quarter for refrence. Also comes in different diameters up to 5mm
  11. Interior Problems
    I have a HUD I want to play with and would like to tap the speed sensor at the harness that plugs in to the tach at the cluster. I believe it is the blue wire at the fuse panel, but do not see the same solid blue wire at the harness. Which wire at the tach section harness sends signal to the...
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    I'll be installing a Pioneer AVH-P3400 into a 2012 Civic LX sedan tomorrow and the only thing that is completely unclear to me is how to access the parking brake wire. I do not want to bypass this safety feature as the car doesn't belong to me (it's my brother's). Has anyone else installed an...
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    Look to my detailed post on this topic found under the DIY section. Detailed Power Wire Run on 2012 Si Coupe - Part 1 & 2 Enjoy! Check out my second skin and stock subwoofer hole mount mod too! I will be updating this one very soon.
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    I know there are multiple threads on help and suggestions dealing with this topic, but this is by far the easiest way on the 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe! I finally figured out the easiest way to run the power wire, remote wire and amp boost wire. It took me a few hours to do, but it was well worth...
  15. Interior Problems
    Hey guys, looking to tap into the rear defroster for my starter on my Civic Si. Can't seem to find any documentation so i was wondering if anyone has managed to find it yet, and if you have, could you post some pics or at least a wire color and location. Thanks,
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    Hey everyone, Ran into a problem the other day when hooking up my new head unit. Everything works as it should except the dimmer. I picked up an 08 accord harness which was recommended for the project form multiple sources. I hooked up the wire on both harnesses labeled "dimmer" but it doesn't...
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    Where do I run the power wire through the firewall in my 2012 Si Coupe? Pictures would be really appreciated! Other Questions... How easy is it to run the power wire back through the rest of the vehicle? Which fuse did you tap into for the remote wire? Much thanks to Fuma419 for posting how...
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    Installing amp and all done except the remote wire and I have no idea where to hook it up on a factory HU or the factory amp. Would like to tap into the factory rem wire on factory amp but don't even know where the factory amp is. Help please
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    Does anyone happen to know where the VSS and reverse wire feeds are located in the front of the '12 EX Civic? (And yes, the forums and their experts have talked me into getting a new HU) Thanks in advanced!
  20. Interior
    Does anyone know where and what color is the trigger wire? I need the one that has voltage change whenver a door is opened (the one controls dome light, not the individual door trigger). In my old Honda a wire stays at 12V and change to 0V when I open any door (and the dome switch is on either...
1-20 of 22 Results