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  1. Installed Foglights, Parking Lights Always On

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    So I installed fog lights into my 2013 Civic LX and now the parking lights are always on when the car is running. Even when the fog lights are off they are still always on. It obviously is something to do with the wiring. I have the red positive wire for the foglights crimped to a female...
  2. DIY: 2014 Si Navigation into a 2013 Si Non-Navigation

    ***WIRE DIAGRAMS AND PINOUTS WILL BE POSTED SOON*** I want to start this off with saying, if you plan to do a navigation swap into a non-navigation civic, you will really need some technical knowledge on wiring and electrical work! After my countless hours of research day and night I had...
  3. Car Audio

    Build Section
    Okay so recently I plugged my 12v battery wire into my amps ground, and the ground into the battery terminal on the amp. This cause my radio and accessory power outlet to go out, so I did check the fuse for the accessory, but that's fine not blown. What else could it be? The amp isn't fired or...
  4. Missing USB Cable,need help where to connect it

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a honda civic 2012 lx that came with no USB Cable, (i bought the car but i did not check it)i want to buy a USB Female cable adapter for the civic, but i have no idea where to connect it, i dont see a spot behind the radio, May i get some help on where it must connect?
  5. 4 channel amp and mono sub amp install HELP!

    VEHICLE: 2012 Honda Civic EX-L sedan w/Navi (keeping the factory unit) Installing: JL Audio JX500/1D mono amp with JL audio 4 awg wiring kit----------two 10 inch JL W0v3 subs in box Kicker DX400.3 four channel amp with Kicker 4 awg wiring kit---------four 6.5 Kicker DS60 coaxial speakers...
  6. 2013 Civic DRL Wiring Diagram

    Anyone have a wiring diagram of the DRL daytime running lights for a 2013 Civic LX sedan? I would like to use an HID kit for the high beams without usinga separate relay and need to solve the problem at the source even if it means altering the circuit inside a light control module.
  7. Fog light wiring issues

    I got my fog lights from ilovebodykits First they sent me tail lights for a blazer but that’s beside the point Finally got the lights Saturday, they included the wiring maybe because they sent me the wrong thing the first time Anywho I was going off collegehillhondas youtube video to install...
  8. 2013 Civic Ex coupe wiring diagram

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    i need the stereo wiring diagram for my 2013 coupe ex with the premium sound. is the 2012 wiring diagram the same as the 2013.
  9. Fog light wiring

    Hi everyone, Im cheap and therefore bought an ebay kit that comes with no wiring instructions. I am looking for an empty fuse slot that will turn off when the car is off. I rather not tap into one that is being used but will as long as theres no issues. I will be running an led bulb so I am not...
  10. Question regarding a fuse for the switch wire of my amps/subs.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello everyone. How y'all doing? I'm kinda new so i don't know what info i need to provide but i'll do my best to describe my problem. My switch wire (BLUE WIRE) to automatically turn on and off the amps/subs doesn't have a fuse ,and is directly connected to a fuse slot. The switch wire is...
  11. Bass Blockers and Help with wiring an Amp

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Subject model: 2012 Civic EX Sedan, not premium audio, no navigation. I have replaced my factory tweeters and mid-range speakers. They are as follows: Tweeters: Reference 1031t - Infinity Door and rear deck: GTO628 | 6-1/2" 2-way loudspeaker | JBL US I want to use bass blockers on all of...
  12. Fog light wiring help

    Morning everyone! I recentlly bought a pair of non-orm fogs and I ran them and installed them and all i need is to wire them... All I want is to connect them so I can turn them off or on when I want and have them shut off if I turn off my car. Ive hear that people plug them in fuse 28 and the...
  13. Looking for Part # *UPDATED WIRING DIAGRAM*

    This should be placed under Sub-Forum Electrical/Wiring Modification, but we don't have that section yet :tongue: Looking for the module that the switches go into. (All of #1) as pictured Shown Below @ CHH: Genuine Honda Parts - Discount OEM Honda Auto Parts The item is essentially a 2 way...
  14. Sound system wiring ¡?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Sound system wiring ¡? (Civic LX Coupe) I'm looking to get an amp and sub in the next week or so and I plan to install it myself (using stock HU). Does anyone have any pics of how you hid the wiring and lessen the visibility of the wires¿ Thanks in advance!
  15. Underseat Wiring Help

    Hey guys so i've got a plan here Bought this to start to use as a control button for the underseat lighting. We have three slots usable on the left of the steering wheel, only one is used for me :/ OEM Honda 02-04 Acura RSX DC5 Fog Light Switch Button Type S GENUINE PART NEW | eBay So i'll...
  16. aftermarket bluetooth wiring

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    is there a wiring assembly to be able to hook the stock bluetooth speaker up to an aftermarket radio? my aftermarket deck has a mic in cord, just wondering if i'd be able to still use cars mic, as the aftermarkets sometimes sounds like i'm far away
  17. Front speaker wiring - plan to upgrade front woofer/tweeter

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi all! Planning to do a speaker upgrade just for the fronts to get better sound quality. My unit (exi) comes with the pillar mounted tweeters, and my basic concern would be how to wire a new set of components considering that they normally come with a crossover set. Does the stock setup have a...
  18. College hills could you help me out on radio wiring diagram

    College Hills Honda
    Hello, I was wondering if there is anyway you could post up the wiring diagram of a 2012 honda civic lx radio and also where to find the vss wire, steering wheel control wires, and back up light wire under the dash. just looking for diagrams with wire colors or if you know if the book that...
  19. Blue LED Board for Glove Box, NO Wiring, Switching Magic Trick

    This applies to 9th gen as well: Odd Honda left Glove Box light out. In searching I found a few pretty ugly solutions. Other model OEM stuff is too little for too much time/money. Having to wire up, etc. for a little Glove Box lighting is silly. I design lighting products so I adapted a small...
  20. Audio wiring diagrams??

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Does anyone have or know where to find audio wiring diagrams for the 9thGen?