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xm radio
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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Just purchased the 2013 Civic LX sedan and looking to add the Honda XM radio kit. Did anyone try installing this kit on the LX? It's advertised as an accessory for EX,EX-L,Si,HF & Hybrid models. As far as I can tell the LX head unit is the same as EX. Don't want to spend $300 to find out that it...
  2. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I am in the process of deciding what to buy. I know that I want a 2012 Civic with Leather. I, however, do not like the built in Navigation. I want the EX-L without Navigation. I was told by the dealer that I can get XM installed on the EX-L, but the antenna will be mounted on the...
1-2 of 2 Results