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  1. Big Bore Throttle Body - Calibration Tips

    Hey guys, as you all may know there are throttle body upgrades available for 9th Gen Si's however there is very little information available on how to tune for it. We decided to provide settings that we found to work extremely well on our shop car, in order to calibrate for the SiriMoto Big Bore...
  2. Hybrid Racing CAI

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So i've done a couple quick searches and haven't been able to find a ton of info, or any recent first hand experience . Originally i wanted an 8th gen SI but couldn't find one so i went with a 9th. Well back when i was researching 8ths i planned on getting a Hybrid Racing CAI , it seems like a...
  3. CT-E supercharger ZDX Throttle Body adapters instock

    PRL Motorsports
    PRL Motorsports ... CT-E supercharger to ZDX Throttle Body adapters fresh off the mill and instock for immediate shipment!!! Adapter and hardware $69.99 Combo kit with ZDX throttle body $269.99
  4. My ZDX TB dyno before and after results

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    ok here it is stock tb dyno stocktbdyno_zps55fb5ba1.png photo by RSX2Si | Photobucket zdx tb dyno when first slapping it on and after a fuel adjustment since my AFRs were way off when first installing it zdxtbdynos_zps38a44374.png photo by RSX2Si | Photobucket Overall with the TB swap I...
  5. ZDX Big Bore 70mm OEM DBW Throttle Body

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Well the title says what it is, and yes it will work with the RBC and our stock intake manifold. This is the route i want to go with as far as throttle body options go. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/autofair-honda/299889-zdx-big-bore-oem-dbw-throttle-body.html But can someone explain to me...