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So I showed some dedication and drove 3 hrs to a crappy airport to get some runs in. We went thinking we would pay 15 euro to race. Turns out we had to pay 65 euro. That's roughly $85. **** me. I didn't drive 3 hours to turn around. 2 out of 5 of us bite the bullet and decide it's worth it to race. Then I figure out that you have to race with a helmet. I've always raced at tracks where if you drove a slow car you didn't need a helmet. So **** me again. I had to get out of line and try to find an Italian to let me borrow a helmet. Ask 3 dudes, no luck. I'm pissed. My friends decides to be nice enough to sacrifice 2 runs by letting me borrow his helmet and sit out while I wait in line. So first run I spin all the way through 1st, second and half way through 3rd. Didn't even get it on GoPro. Ran a 15.8. Felt like I just died inside. I'm a better driver than that. Just wanna get into 14's. Wait like an hour to get another run in. I know this will be my last run b/c I tell my friend I don't want to take anymore runs from him. SO, last chance, I can do this. i know reaction time was shit, BUT, this was my last chance. Deflate tires to 30lbs, they were at 37. Hands sweating like crazy. Decent burnout. Launch feels great.....what is this...GRIP. Slam into second...MORE GRIP. :dancingcoolsmiley:movin! Slam into third everything feels perfect. Great shift into 4th. Run a 14.93. Oh holy shit. That was awesome. I haven't raced in 4 years and I made an awesome run on a shit for traction airport strip.

Sorry for such a long story but I love to race and it's been a long time. I'll get a video up tomorrow. 6 hrs of driving and a total of 15hrs away from the house makes me tired.

Skip to 1:10 for the action.
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