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14 Civic “phone” button doesn’t work

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I searched and found just a single thread on this topic from about 4 years ago but there was no solution in that thread so I thought I’d post a new discussion.

my radio stopped pairing with my Iphone today on the way home from work - I got in the car and it never connected automatically like it usually does; in fact, when I push the phone button To try and access the menu nothing happens at all.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Was thinking about just disconnecting the battery and seeing if a reset fixes the issue, otherwise it’s probably into the dealership huh?

thanks in advance!
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Have the same issue with my '13 civic I just bought. Phone button doesn't do anything and no other way to access bluetooth menu. Found a few other threads on other sites, but no answer is ever given. Is there one or is this not fixable?
BTW- I believe that BT module reset is in the BT menus somewhere, I don’t recall exactly where.
Awesome, thanks for the info. Haven't seen any other solutions, so going to give this a go.
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