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Figured I would post this since this was pretty much a self conceived idea that ended up working for $20.

So you want to get more sound out of your intake but don't want to run either a short ram or a CAI. Well, this might be a great balance which is very cheap.

So this is basically a DIY intake mod which will retain the stock air box and upper pipe but it will delete the resonator and you will end up taking out the drop in filter and adding a cone filter to the upper piping.

Great intake sound
Butt dyno says it's doing something
Looks OEM
Cone filter is not heat soaking
No hydrolock risk like a CAI
No messing with MAF
It's basically a Takeda Stage 2

Let me show you what this looks like.

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So as you can see, it sits in front of the radiator fans. There is enough clearance between the battery and the radiator hose to fit this perfectly.

What you need to do:

1. You need to do the intake resonator delete because otherwise the lower piping will obstruct the cone filter. You can look up how to do this there are plenty of guides on this forum.
2. You need to purchase a cone filter which will fit the stock upper piping. I used this one from Amazon and it works well. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082M854HF - any 3 inch cone filter should be fine. I recommend a universal though because the OEM upper pipe is oval shaped not circular so the universal rubber grommets have more ability to bend around it.
3. Remove stock drop in filter and close the airbox. Don't worry as the drop in filter itself does not seal any part of the airbox. It's self sealing without one.
4. Remove the OEM 90 degree upper piping (the one shown in the photo) and connect the cone filter to it. (make sure to tighten the clamp enough so that the oval piping is sealed within the cone filter grommet.
5. Remove your battery and battery tray
6. Position the upper piping (with cone filter attached) as close to where the battery sits and as far away from the radiator hose. There should be just enough clearance to where it will not obstruct the hose.
7. Put the battery back into place. (This will also reset your ECU at the same time)
8. Profit
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