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2012-2013 R18 1.8 Flash Pro FAQ

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FlashPro Civic

My car was being tested for fp thanks to hondata!
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No dilemma. Buy an SI.
No. My bet is with intake, downpipe, full cat-back, and tune you'll have about 140whp. Maybe recover the HP lost by the drivetrain. No way you're going to add 40-50 hp with bolt ons. Unless you bolt on a blower.
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Prolly weigh less tho!
Again, we don't say it to dismiss anybody. We're just trying to keep your horsepower numbers realistic. To have 150whp, that would be about 180 at the crank. Which is not gonna be possible with bolt ons. If the non si has 140hp stock, it's not putting 138 to the wheels. Maybe 120. I owned a 9th gen r18. Tune and bolt ons can wake it up and make it more fun, but they're not adding 40-50hp.
That's a funny looking 9th gen r18!
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I think his car is a JDM model.

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Unless I'm wrong, that vid is from 2009. That's an 8th gen civic.
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