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2012-2013 R18 1.8 Flash Pro FAQ

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FlashPro Civic

My car was being tested for fp thanks to hondata!
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Would anyone be able to estimate realistic gains with takeda intake + axleback exhaust and Flash Pro? I have a '13 Civic LX sedan and it is a manual transmission
Basically I just want the car to sound cool and be fun to drive. I'm not expecting to blow anyone away. When the car is like 6-7 years old that's when some forced induction gets added ;)

Honestly if I could get 150 whp that would be cool. Just want to add a little bit of jump to the car.

And for the people who say "just get an SI" (there seems to be a bit of that sentiment on the forum): I got a great deal on my car (nearly half of what a base model SI would cost) so if I do a couple grand in upgrades then I still saved a ton of money. I'm a student as of now so funds are limited.

At the end of the day my upgrade list is gonna be pretty modest:
1) Subs
2) HID headlights (probably white- not blue)
3) takeda intake & exhaust
4) FlashPro

I've done a bit of budgeting and I'm fairly sure I can do all that for less than $3k
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Right on, I've been confused about how much horse power is actually getting to the wheels on this car. The "140hp" number that pops up online must be power at the crank.

I plan on keeping my LX for a long time so I'm hoping that tunes such as Flash Pro and air intake won't go astray. In five or six years I really do picture it as a car that I'm just going to tear the guts out of and go to hell with it (and hopefully have a better, newer daily driver!).

I appreciate the insight
If you're talking about my car, then it's just a bone stock Canadian civic LX from 2013. But then again you're probably talking about the silver SI above haha
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