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Hi everyone, I am selling my 2012 civic Si with $88,600 miles. Asking $7,000. I got in an accident back in April (front end) and the car has been sitting in my garage since. Here is a break down of the good and bad with it. All original parts that I have will be included as well. not trying to Part it out, hoping to find someone to take the entire car.

-Kraftwerks Supercharger with 110mm pulley (Tuned on e85 365 whp)
-1,000 CC Grams fuel injectors
-Sirimoto flex fuel system (running e85)
-Deatschwerks fuel pump (265 LPH DW65C)
-Skunk2 alpha header
-Skunk2 MegaPower RR exhaust
-Tein Street Flex adjustable coilovers
-Progress 24mm rear sway bar
-AEM boost gauge
-Sirimoto Phase 2 front strut bar
-Clutchmasters FX400 clutch stage 4 with lightweight flywheel

-radiator support
-ac condenser
-a section of the charge pipe needs to be replaced.
-upper radiator hose, and 2 vacuum lines need to be replaced

The car was a blast to drive. After the accident I drove it off the freeway and to a gas station. It still runs but needs a few things to enjoy it. Motor has 88K miles. Airbags didn't go off, the interior is still in good condition. You can email me at [email protected] for more information.

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if you're down to sell any of those mods or that supercharger kit separately DM me, I'm interested. I can give you stock parts if you need them to replace the intake manifold, injectors, etc. (or any of the other stock pieces that would replace the mods)
I'm looking for someone to take the whole car. Don't have enough time to take it apart and I want to make sure the car still runs great for the sale.
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