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I know there's already a thread about this, but my trouble seems slightly different then the poster of that thread. My 2012 civic Si that I bought a year and one month ago that currently has 4000km on it(never winter driven which in Canada means not driven for 8 months in the year) has a weird problem with the clutch. Occasionally when depressing the clutch there will be a very noticeable vibration coming from it. This seems to happen when I'm shifting aggressively, and push the clutch in moments after releasing the gas. It also happens at low rpms too, anywhere from the 2.5-7.5l range. I noticed if I let off the gas completely for a full second before engaging the clutch it sometimes helps the problem. Is this normal or should I take it in? I think my drivetrain warranty has expired so how much will this most likely cost me?
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