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In many ways, forums are the original social media. Providing a place for discussion, they've increasingly becoming a medium by which (particularly in the auto industry) the more mainstream media finds out about new product info, rumors and reports.

AutoGuide.com understands just how vital a role forums play in fostering discussion, allowing like-minded (and often opposite-minded) enthusiasts a place to share everything from knowledge, to car parts to opinions. (Lots, and lots of opinions). The AutoGuide.com forum network consists of 230 automotive forums with over 6 million registered members, with one of the flagship properties being 8thCivic.com.

With the help and blessing of the public relations team at American Honda Motor Co., AutoGuide arranged for an exclusive preview of the 2012 (9th generation) Civic, occurring simultaneously with the first press drives of the car in Washington, D.C. We've documented the Civic meet-up, where 8thCivic.com members had the chance to get up close and personal with the new 2012 Civic line and share their opinions. Proud owners, they also showed us some of their modified rides.

In addition, AutoGuide is excited to announce the launch of 9thGenCivic.com where owners and enthusiasts can meet and discuss the newest Civic models.

A special thank you to the team at American Honda Motor Co. (Christina Ra in particular) who provided the venue for this exclusive preview, as well as to the Honda engineers who volunteered their time to meet and discuss the new 2012 Civic with the 8thCivic community.

More: 2012 Honda Civic Exclusive Preview for 8thCivic.com Members [Video] on AutoGuide.com
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