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  • Name: Jeremy R.
  • Car Nickname: Nikita
  • Location: Binghamton, NY
About me:Well, to start off I've owned my 2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe for almost a year now. I'm really excited to finally get around to customizing her. Make sure you leave some feedback so I know what you guys think!
Also, I may upload videos of my progress to YouTube if you guys would like to see it.[HR][/HR]Here are some useful sites that may help you out:

  • [*=2]This site contains all those extra additions the dealer tried to sell you and usually for a ton cheaper.

  • [*=2]They are really good about keeping everything updated and they have some interesting stuff
[HR][/HR]What I've done so far:
1. Honda Windshield Decal​

  • [*=2]This was installed before I bought the car but I really like how it looks
2. Splash Guards​

  • [*=2]Also installed before I bought it
    [*=3]Will be removed once I install the HFP body kit as they are not compatable
    [*=2]You can buy some here
    [*=3]2012 HONDA CIVIC COUPE|
3. Window Deflectors​

  • [*=2]Installed before I bought it
    [*=3]Looks kind of cool :p
4. Interior Ambient Lighting [10/15/2012]
  • Bought here
    [*=1]2012 HONDA CIVIC COUPE|
  • Installation time - about 20 minutes
  • Mod: Drilled a hole in each of the plastic caps to improve lighting.
    [*=1]Really noticeable difference I would defiantly recommend doing it if you have them
5. LED Interior Dome/Map lights [7/25/13]​

  • [*=2]Bought on ebay
    [*=2]Installation time - about 2 minutes
    [*=2]Blue to match ambient lighting
[HR][/HR] Repairs:
1. Replaced rear bumper [11/19/12]​

  • [*=1]Bought here
    [*=2]2012 HONDA CIVIC COUPE|
    [*=1]Took roughly 15 minutes to switch them out. It was really easy
2. I've also fixed several paint chips using touch up paint​
[HR][/HR] What I plan to do:
1. Custom paint​

  • [*=2]Basic idea minus the black hood and sponsors
    [*=2]May make the roof black. Ideas?
2. Carbon Fiber Hood​
3. LED Projector Headlights​
4. Spoiler​
5. Rims​

  • [*=2]No specific ones picked out yet
6. Fog Lights​
7. HFP Body kit​
8. Sunroof​

  • [*=2]Should have got one when I bought it but regardless it's on the list
1. Turbo, everybody needs a turbo!​
2. Exhaust​

  • [*=2]I'm not dead set on one yet but I'm looking over a few
3. Air Intake​
4. Fuel Injectors​
5. Headers​
[HR][/HR]Cool Mods I've found:
1. Someone put a remote start but instead of using the remote they used the OEM key

  • [*=2]It's an accord but I'm going to look into it
2. No Photo​

  • [*=2]This is awesome. It detects road cams snapping a pic of your car and produces a flash to ruin the picture. No picture, no ticket!
    [*=3]​noPhoto – noLimits Enterprises
3. GPS, Mirror?​
So what do you guys think? Please share your ideas/pictures so we can compare. Also, I've been trying to come up with cool ideas for I-MiD wallpapers to make in Photoshop. Share if you have any you like. Here are some cool ones I have found:


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Welcome, Gabriel. I like your organized layout. Keep us posted on your car's updates.
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