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Hey everyone, issue with my car and I have no clue where to start looking.

Firstly, my car died in the middle of an intersection and I had it towed to my house about 5 miles after I went through a carwash (whether or not it caused this issue I have no clue, could have been coincidence).

VIDEO (sorry it's vertical): New video by Austin S

As you can see from the video, I can't get it to start the first 2 cranks on the key, and when it does start the 3rd time, once the idle starts dropping, it dies. I see no water evidence from the carwash in the engine bay whatsoever. I've heard distributor cap issues with water but I see nothing to indicate water. Also, battery seems just fine. It's a Honda OEM battery that's only 1 year old. Alternator and battery sensor assembly (OEM) were also replaced at the same time as the battery.

Any idea where to start looking?
  • I'm not pressing the throttle at all during the video, the tac is doing everything on it's own.
  • Ran Bluedriver: no new codes
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