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I have a 2012 Honda Civic without Navigation. My phone calls and streaming audio w/ artist info work fine over Bluetooth (HTC One running Android4.3/CyanogenMod10.2), but any sort of message notification or interaction does not.

I think this is because the *2012* Civic's iMid doesn't support the Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile). CyanogenMod 10.2 does support MAP. Here's the iMid features for a 2012 EX with an AT&T iPhone 5. Compare that to a 2013 EX with the same phone. Combined, this evidence suggests my conclusion.

I've heard some folks mention replacing their 2012 iMid with one from a 2013. Has anyone tried this?

Also, a friend of mine has a 2013 BMW with iDrive, but his phone (Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8) does not support Bluetooth MAP. But his phone does something rather clever. When his phone wants to notify about an SMS message, it simulates a phone call for the car. No ringing, but the car clearly thinks it's in a call. The "caller" (the phone's text-to-speech system) reads the text message over the phone call audio, and then waits for a command to be spoken back (e.g. "delete", "reply", etc.). I believe it's doing all of this through the Bluetooth HFP (Hands Free Profile).

Is there such a solution for Android?
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