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Those pads are not loose enough in the slider clips. The little springs push the pads away from the rotors after you take your foot off of the brake normally. Because the pads are tight, they don't retract away, that is what is causing your noise. I would take the caliper C bracket off, remove the clips, file the metal down underneath the clip area, and wire wheel the C bracket also, replace the clips or mini wire wheel them clean, shiny clean, with no debris. Those pads should be moving back & forward loose with no resistance, use a clean slider grease. I don't know what your mileage is, but my long-gone 1990 Acura Integra, use to make the same noise. Provided your pins are well lubed & no tears in your pin boots with everything else good, that should work for you, best regards.
I will try this next time I take it out, its been PRETTY Good to me past couple days except for a few times. Mileage on the car is 190k Miles Highway mostly. THANKYOU JJreal!

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