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Hi all, first time posting..

I have a 2013 SI coupe and am wanting to inquire about relevant info for what's involved in lowering the car.

I'm thinking like 1 or 2 inches but I dont know what it will look like so I was hoping people could post photos of theirs with the amount it is lowered.

I used to have a 95 DX and I bought it already lowered, and it was too low definitely and I couldn't do curbs or inclines. I don't want that, but I know the car now as it sits look silly because of the distance from the ground.

So what are my options and how do they vary in price?

Again, any pics are really appreciated!

Thanks everyone in advance!

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Hi, Arich.

We have a whole section on lowering. I would suggest looking through it before posting another new thread on this topic. Your general questions have been covered multiple times.

You can pick a thread and repost there.

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