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2014-2015 Honda Civic Si Plug & Play Remote Starter (Push To Start & Manual Trans.)

Hey everyone!

We are very new to this form so first, I would like to say hi to everyone and the admins! Also, sorry if this post was made in the wrong thread. Please move if needed!

Currently, there is NO plug and play (T-harness) remote starter solution for the 2014-2015 Honda Civics with a push to start and manual transmission. Well, that was until we made this possible! All you need to do is literally plug this remote starter into your Smart PCU and you're done! The hardest part about this installation is accessing the Smart PCU (3 bolts).

Below I have posted a picture of our remote starter. It's made with Firstech's FT7200, ADS's Blade-AL and our vehicle specific T-Harness. If anyone is interested, I will post more a pictures of the installation and a video with the operation of it.


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