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2014 Civic CVT - VSA, ABS, Power Steering Lights, Limp Mode, "shudder"

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to find someone who has had a similar issue and can provide some insight.

My lady's 14 Civic EX has 192,000 approx. I have done 100% of the preventative maintenance, repairs, etc on this car other than some recall work.

I've drained/refilled the CVT pretty regularly after the first change (which was around 50k) every 30k or so. I also changed the upper "filter", dealt with the vent clogging and popping the fill plug out, etc.

Drivers side CV axle has been changed twice, and a new axle seal installed on the last one.

The other day, she experienced the following issues:

All the warning lights/gauges, VSA, power steering, ABS, etc. lit up and the car went into limp mode. Shut the car off, turned back on and resumed as normal. Check engine light stayed on, but later went off and everything was fine.

I had the codes pulled and got 0793, intermittent shaft speed sensor. I did some searching but found this very inconclusive, other than one person having a similar issue and that resulted in a blown CVT transmission. The parts stores show two separate sensors, but no additional info as far as location. I can't even find anything that shows where these are on the transmission itself.

This car has had a weird shudder from approx 15-30mph for quite some time, but other than that, no driveability issues. It's almost like it's slightly down on power then comes right back out, but you can feel the shudder in the cabin. It does this from a stop or a rolling start. Throttle input doesn't seem to matter.

Has anyone experienced any, or all of the above? My biggest concern is not the tree of lights, but this speed sensor CEL and a possible link to the shudder and major transmission issues ahead.

Thank you in advance.
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My 2013 Civic LX acted kinda like this. Made a post in case others came across it. I thought my transmission was shot and checked solenoids and everything. Ended up being a wire that wore down on a sensor or solenoid or something. Not sure how it wore down. Mechanic found it and fixed it, runs great again. Here’s a link in case it helps anyone.
2013 Civic LX Automatic Transmission/Emission Warnings
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