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Make / model: 2015 9th Gen Civic Crank Position Sensor CKP or Cam Sensor 1.8L

175K miles from uber driving. Original owner. ALL STOCK NO Mods.

I will be doing repairs on my friends 2015 Civic. He has a couple of codes - I will [edit this post when I get the codes] My friend has already purchased non-oem Cam and Crank sensors.

Other than this problem the car was running fine.

Symptoms: Car will start but not stay running. Codes indicate crank position sensor or Cam sensor.

I'm highly experienced at repairs but did not find any youtube videos on this subject - possibly because 8th gen is the same? Last Honda I worked on was 2003 Civic EX.

I was going to unplug the Cranks sensor and see if the car starts but enters limp mode / won't run above 3,500 rpm. If yes then I will replace the Crank sensor. If no I will replace the cam sensor. I have a Hayes repair manual.

Any suggestions or links about how to proceed would be appreciated I searched this forum and look for videos on Youtube.

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