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2015 CR-V Carplay Beta Firmware Update use on 2015 civic displayaudio

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Hey Everyone,

Recently, someone over at CR-V Owners Club posted a firmware update containing the Carplay beta, and numerous 2015-16 CR-V owners have flashed it successfully. I'm wondering if it is possible to flash this to our headunits. While they are not the same vehicle, I am hoping Honda did not go out on a limb and change the firmware/OS for a specific vehicle of the same model year (I'm referring to 2014-2015 civics with the new displayaudio headunit), and was wondering if anyone here has the balls to try and flash it. I do not have the balls, hence why I am asking if a bigger man or woman can step up and try it. I've added the links for both the thread and actual firmware update in this post.

Carplay Beta Firmware
crvownersclub thread
NOTE From reading crvownersclub, this may only work for non-nav headunits (I have one with nav)
If someone is willing to try and flash it, make sure you follow the instructions found on the crvownersclub thread, and report back your findings if possible. I would suggest only owners of 2014-2015 civics with EX, EX-L and SI trims try it.

After looking at the update file in a hex editor, looks like it is Windows CE. I wish I had a map update file to compare to, but I don't unfortunately.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage/issues caused by attempting this! Proceed at your own risk!

P.S. I've attached the dump of signatures to this post.I've removed all the zlib's as they were just taking up space.

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Guys I too saw the CRV software update and I managed to get it to work on my 2016 HR-V. Also the radio from the CR-V is plug and play with our radios. So I went ahead bought me a radio from a 2015 CRV, bought the A/M radio face plate for my HR-V and got the software from some guy on ebay that sold it to me for $50 and plugged it in and did the update.


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As you can see the back of the head units and plugs are literally the same. I looked at the wiring diagram and their the same. Also the photo of the radio was my old radio which is the same as the civic. What software are you guys running. You can check by clicking on the home button and going to info than click the menu button and click system info and it should say the software. Please let me know to see if it's compatible with the software update. I got a guy that works at honda and was the one who sent me the update usb with the software


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Who was the seller in eBay?

I still have the usb he sent me. What software are you currently running. I can send you the usb if you like, I just want everyone who has our radios to get the software because Honda really fcked us when apple carplay came out.
The usb won't let me copy it. I'm guessing the guy had it compressed or security locked. I spoke with the guy from ebay he said if you mention my name he will drop $20 off the $99 asking price.
The guy was cool and he let me have the software for $50 so I could try it to see if it worked. I mentioned that many people would be interested and he said he would drop $20 off the asking price if you send him an offer with my name( Johan referred me)
I know what you mean, I was too. Thats why I managed to get him to lower it to $50 because I wasn't sure if it was going to work.
I'm not sure if it would work with a 2014 headunit. You might have to switch it to the CRV radio like I did. My HRV was running the same version as yours and I tried to plug in the CRV software update and I was getting an error screen.
Hey buddy the CRV does have a trim level with an amp and subwoofer. If your civic has the same options than you can get one of those unit. I found a company that sells them for a really good price on ebay. I suggest pulling your radio and looking in the back to see if it has the circled connector. If it does than you have a factory subwoofer and this radio would work on your Civic.
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ebay listing for radio with subwoofer:

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02941 is the pin, hit me up on my email. I was a tech for Honda and it looks like you just have to press all the necessary buttons like the call button, hang up, talk, turn on the a/c and put the vehicle in reverse so the head unit can recognize the camera is work. That should take care of everything
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[email protected] thats my email. You can also swap the head unit and install it in your wife's crv and run it that way then once it clears you should be good to install it in your civic
Awesome!! I'm glad to hear my suggestion worked!
You need the Headunit from a Honda CRV in order for the carplay firmware to work. It will not work with current headunit.
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