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I am using these for my B series engine but they are the same for K series. Just seeing if anyone else has tried the 316 Racing extended intake and exhaust manifold studs. I found them on Ebay when i ordered my Hondata gasket. I just bought a set of each for my build since i'm using a Hondata intake manifold gasket anyways and have to replace the intake studs. It was only 30 bucks for a complete set

I got them in the mail a couple days ago and so far i'm pretty impressed. It looks like it is stainless steel like they advertised and the length is perfect. It came with a little instruction sheet too lol, and a sticker for all you sticker bomb ****. The allen head end is cool so they just thread right in without vise grips or anything.

Heres a picture of what they look like compared to a couple of my stock studs i just took out. They actually came out pretty easy if you follow the instructions they give you. The intake ones are just a little longer which is perfect to make up the difference in the hondata gasket.

They are supposed to keep the manifold held down tighter too and keep the gasket lasting longer. Started the car up with no leaks so everything looks good so far. I also found Blox makes pretty much the same thing for about the same price but the Blox set only comes with 7 studs. The 316 racing ones come with 9 or 10 depending on which set you order. ARP also makes a similar product but theirs is over 100 bucks lol.

heres the links to the ones i ordered for reference.

316 Racing Extended Intake Manifold Stud Set For Hondata and Golden Eagle Gasket | eBay

316 Racing Extended Exhaust Manifold Stud Set For Honda Acura B16 B18 B20 K20 | eBay
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