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3535 Steinway st. LIC ny - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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35-35 steinway street, long island city, ny - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! the place used to be "distinctive body shop" (its not anymore) some kid recently opened up this garage, threw a few lifts in it but the place is not "distinctive body shop" anymore. So recently i went there to get my fenders rolled up and these ******* dritbags stole my tow hook. ive had my tow hook for many years, parked the car in worst places overnight and it was always there, even b4 goin to this place i saw it, it was there. when i was at this garage i went to the atm to get some money and left the car unattended for 10 mins and when i came back the hook was gone. i didnt notice the hook was gone until i got to the house because who wouldve thought that some dirtbag is going to pull off shit like this and **** up his rep over a 50$ tow hook and for the first time that new customer showed up. i came back there and asked them to give me back my hook but the dritbags clamied they didnt have it. i wonder how many more parts they have stolen from other ppl. i told this ****** that karma is a bitch. anywayz i dont wanna waste any more of my time writing about it but AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! THESE GUYS ARE ******* THEVIES!!!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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